Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 1

Fero pad 8 is one of the most top fero mobile phone in Nigeria.

Fero mobile is one of the most top leading mobile phone in Nigeria mobile markets.

fero mobile phone is a series range of mobile phone which include smartphone and feature phone.

Before fero mobile was known by few people in Nigeria but now it is the most popular and leading mobile phone in Nigeria.

Fero brand has lunch many type phone in nigeria which include variety difference smartphone and feature phone.

But our objective here is to know more about one of their particular phone call pad 8. fero pad 8 is among of fero most gorgeous phone in nigeria.

Here is fero pad 8 fully review, specs, price and where to buy it nigeria

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 2

who am i to tell you more about fero pad 8. I’m here to educate you about fero pad 8 because i work with then for some years now and also

i’m using it currently so is my experience that i want to share with you to know more about fero pad 8 before you make decision to purchase it.

fero pad 8 is one of the most recognizable fero phone in nigeria. this pad come with large screen and attractive designed.

It is eye catching which means that anyone who see you with the pad would definitely respect you, all because fero pad 8 is well fashion.

who fero pad 8 suitable for:

Fero pad 8 is suitable for the following categories of people

  • Large screen lovers: if you are large screen lover and always dream to have one, then fero pad 8 is the right choice for you.

         Smart camera lover: fero pad 8 is one of the most pad with high performance camera out there.

if your aim is to have a phone with a smart camera then you should be on your way to get yourself fero pad 8

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 3

  • Affordable phone: Fero pad 8 is among of the most affordable pad in mobile markets. If you are looking affordable phone then you should consider fero pad 8.

key feature of fero pad 8

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 4

Fero pad 8 Design

Fero pad 8 is my most favorite designed smartphone. Fero pad 8 is an 8-inch tablet device made with meta aluminium design which made the tablet more beautiful and perfect look.

It has a resolution of 1280 by 800, high screen resolution display which make picture, video, game and reading from the screen awesome.

Fero pad 8 Display

It is a high display device with display resolution which make anything on the screen look great and awesome.

It measure dimension as 209*121*8.9mm, it made with multiple color which grant the device a versatile color and quality brightness.

Fero pad 8 operating system (OS)

It run on marshmallow android 6.0 version, which is the best android version, that grant users the capabilities to use the device smoothly and effectively.

Fero pad 8 processor

Fero pad 8 is power by mediate k MTK8735 chipset and offer 1.3 GHz quad core and mail-400 graphics

which helps produces an optimum performance with less power consumption and more which make the device to work very amazing.

Fero pad 8 Storage

Fero pad 8 come with 1GB RAM (Random access memory) and 8GB internal storage,

which can be extend to 16GB by putting 8GB SD card that would make life easier for the pad 8 users, to store any thing as he or she want. Get your fero pad 8 here

Fero pad 8 Camera 

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 5

Intense of camera, i wouldn’t lie to you, fero pad 8 is the most pad with impressive camera, it is the best.

fero pad 8 features 5mp rear camera with a support of led light that make it easy to take picture at any weather condition.

And it also come with 2mp selfie camera for all selfie lovers.

Fero pad 8 Battery

Fero pad 8 review, specs, price and where to buy in Nigeria 6

Fero pad 8 has the longest battery life spam that i can testify of. fero pad 8 is power by 5000mAh. It has an in-build battery

Fero pad 8 connectivity

Fero pad 8 support 4GLite network connectivity which make the phone a great device for internet lovers. It also support 3G lite as well.

Fero pad 8 pros

It has so many pros ranging from smart camera, quality image display, large screen, long lasting battery and many more.

Fero pad 8 cons

You know quite well that anything that has merit most has demerit. The down side of this device is that it use to hang at times and the hanging is very annoying .

That is the only negative thing I have experience with this device.

Fero pad 8 price and where to buy it in nigeria

Fero pad is available almost all mobile retails outlets across the nation.

But i like to encourage any potential buyer to buy his/her products from a reliable place that can give you warranty to return in case it has fault from them.

konga: konga is one of the most leading and reliable online market place in nigeria. with #49500 you will get pad 8 on konga.   BUY NOW

The device has other feature such as dual micro sim, Bluetooth, radio, wireless connectivity, Gps location dictator etc.

I really love this phone, the only thing i dislike about it is that hanging that it use  to hang at time.

But it is a good device any way. the only way you can avoid that is to do not over download things on it.

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