Samsung Galaxy s9 plus reviews, and price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus reviews, and price in Nigeria 1

Samsung galaxy s9 plus smartphone is one of the latest samsung smartphone right now.

Samsung introduce their galaxy, way back in 2010 till today, the device is so amazing.

It start from galaxy s2 to galaxy s9 plus which we are going to reviews today.

My aim here is to try my possible best to grant you insight about samsung galaxy s9 plus and your aim here is to know more about the device as well.

The Korean brand strive as much as possible to produce the latest devices to the public and indeed they have achieve it.

with this high performance samsung Galaxy 9 plus, i now understood clearly that samsung is really a king of technology.

Full reviews of samsung galaxy s9 plus

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus reviews, and price in Nigeria 2

Galaxy s9+ is one of the latest high performance android phone with clear 6.2 inch quad HD display that is great for video and playing game.

The power phone come with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory which make the phone as the most super performance smartphone in mobile phone market.

The large 6GB RAM grant user ability to open many apps at a time without any harm and keep browsing more smoothly.

The 64GB assure you to install as many apps as you want, Also you can increase the memory by supported SD card up to 400GB.

Samsung galaxy s9+ running on android 8.0 oreo operating system which is one of the best android version that is capable for any kind of task you may wish to run on you phone.

It has a great and clear camera with 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera which easily create beautiful picture

and the 3,500mAh battery ensure that you will not be always facing battery impediment.

Key feature of samsung galaxy s9+

Galaxy s9+ Design

Samsung galaxy s9 plus is an eye catching smartphone which means that the design is very charming, smoothly and handy.

Galaxy s9+ Display

S9 plus feature 6.2 inch Quad HD display plus super AMOLED (2960*144o) 529ppi, which make the display of video and play of game amazing,

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Operating system (os)

Galaxy s9+ running on android 8.0 operating system. you have access to the latest apps and games. It also boost the performance of the phone.

Samsung galaxy s9 plus processor

It is power by Qualcomm8reg; Snapdragon8 trade; SDm845, octca-core, 2.8GHz+1.7GHz which helps the

device to produce an optimum performance with less power consumption and which made the phone to stand out.

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus Storage

Samsung Galaxy s9+ came with 6GB RAM and 16GB internal memory which can be extende up to 400GB with support of SD card.

Which made the phone a super device, you can store any files and data you may like to.

Samsung Galaxy s9+ camera

The camera of this phone is a mind blowing. The 8MP selfies camera and 12MP rear camera shooter make the phone easily create beautiful picture gallery.

The camera has some many feature eg if you snap yourself you can automatically change it to emoji with no extra editing and editing.

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus reviews, and price in Nigeria 3

Samsung Galaxy s9+ Battery life

Galaxy s9 plus feature 3,500mAh, non removable battery and wireless charger battery.

The battery ensure that you are not always worry about battery but you can’t compare it with the phone that has 5000mAh battery life spam.

Galaxy s9 plus connectivity

S9+ supported 4G lite, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB connection which make everything about this phone awesome.

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus Full specifications: 

operating systemAndroid 8.0 oreo,
LTD AdvanceWith 50% faster peak speeds in over 450 cities.
camera12MP rear
8MP Selfie (front)
world devicework in 200 above contries
Storage6GB RAM
16GB ROM and additional SD card supported up 400GB
ProcessorQualcomm8reg; snapdragon8 trade; SDm845, octca-core,
Stand by time up to4days
Dimension 150*73.8*85mm
Display6.2 Quad HD plus super AMOLED (2960*1440) 529i
Battery3,500mAh, non-removable wireless charging surpported
colormulti color
Hearing aids capabilityM4/T3
HD voiceEnjoying HD voice calling and simultaneous voice and wifi calling enable
ConnectivitiesUSB + Bluetooth + wifi
Sim slotsDual Nano sim

Who samsung galaxy s9+ is suitable for

It is suitable for everybody because everybody deserve quality things. But it highly recommend for

people who love high performance smartphone, internet suffers, smart camera lovers and large storage lovers

The only down side of this device is the price,¬† people with tiny budget can’t afford it

Samsung galaxy s9+price and where to purchase it

Here are the trusted and reliable mobile retails outlet that you get yours without stress or to go down to the vendors, yours is just to order and it will be deliver to you at you at your own comfortable locations.

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The only reason i pointed out this two vendor is that, because of their fast delivery and they will give you warranty for a particular period of time in case anything happen to the items you purchased from them in order for you to return it to them.

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