Acer Aspire Z3-615 reviews

Acer Aspire Z3-615 reviews 1

Acer aspire Z3-615 is a family friend multimedia entertainment right at every fingertips.

It has 23 Full HD touchscreen deliver great quality image enhance by acer cine boost color engine .

It is the system for family, very smart authenticate and entertainment.

 Key feature of aspire z3-615

It has so many impressive features that made the device as number system that acer has made.

Aspire z3 Design 

It is a fashion system that the producer(Acer) have users in mind when design it. It is a touchscreen system.

Acer aspire z3 Display

It is flexible stand can be adjusted from -5 to 25 degrees and the screen can be views clearly from wilder angle and long distance.

When it come to game, films, videos and musics then aspire z3-615 is the best to entertain and surprise the whole family.

Aspire z3 multimedia

It has  23 Full HD display with Acer cine Boost color engine assure consistent exalt color and when viewing from the different angle of the screen.

The screen remain sharp and clear. NVIDIA and Geforce 840m or

AMD Radom R5240*** assure quality graphics and smooth multimedia fun or Browsing.

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Aspire z3 Typing Capability

You can type through keyboard and it is also a touchscreen which means you can type from the screen as you use to type on smartphone screen.

Full Aspire z3 Specifications

Acer Aspire Z3-615 reviews 2 Acer Aspire Z3-615 reviews 3

Here are the full specifications and everything you may want to know about this device.

Processorup to 4th generation intel core i74785T processor
SpeakerTwo built-in stero speakers(3w*2) Dolby Digital plus, built-in digital microphone. SD Card reader headphone/speaker jack; 2* USB 3.0, 1*micro multi -touch
Window8.1, 64-bit
LED-back lit 8 touch 23" FHD 1920*1080 LED TFTLCD 16:9 aspect ratio, ips**panel, 10-point
Storageup to 16GB DDR3 1600 mHz HDD: 500GB(ITB) 2TB
Wireless LANGigabit Ethernet
Screen8.76kg(touch), 7.8kg(non-touch). 23"Full HD IPS***
KeyboardAcer wireless keyboard and acer USB keyboard
Mouseacer wireless mouse and acer USB mouse
adapterAc travel adapter
Webcamintegrated 720pHD

The Aspire is an extremely usable device with high visual presence. It’s display center can be adjusted from -2 to 25 degrees.

This system is a multi-purpose system, It can server as television or entertainment tool and also as well as computer.

The system is highly recommended for every families. In case something may bothering you about this article or any technology issue.

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