5 Reasons android phones are better than iphones

I know you will sacrifice me for this, ” android phones are better than iphones ”

I know there are questions painted on your lips ready to be torn off when you came across this post.

Questions like; “What is wrong with this writer?”, “How on earth would you compare android with the phone every man dreams of – iPhone?”, “Android phones are better than iPhones?

how manage did he said android phones are better than iphones?

How possible!”… Keep calm dear reader and follow me as we embark on this journey of revelations**chuckles**… Are we still together?

Fine! I know you scream at the sight of an iPhone, you’re obsessed with its prestige and honor it commands in the society,

the camera quality is maddening & too good to be described with words, its speed gladdens your heart & elates your soul.

And now with the recent release of some mind blowing models of iPhones like the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and the almighty iPhone X which

were all launched on September 22, 2017 as a successor to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+, you’ve surrendered all praises to iPhone,

but wouldn’t you want to have a rethink to read a crystal clear comparison between this two products – Android & iPhone, before

taking a decision about which to finally die for? Are you confused already? Be at ease dear reader, just follow patiently while paying close
attention to details.

Before we go to the main deal of this post – top five (5) reasons Android phones are better than iPhones, let me say this one real quick; I DO NOT DETEST APPLE PRODUCTS.

Don’t get it twisted. Cause, thoughts like “it’s because he doesn’t like android products” might be pandering through your mind,

NO! It’s a common and normal thing to compare and contrast two
“almost-similar” elements, in which Android & iPhone are the ones

under study here. I tell you, debates can’t end about this motion – “Is Android better Than iPhone?” It can’t end. Maybe not tho,

but definitely not in this generation. Definitely not..**smiles**..
*Sighs* Now, with that made clear, let me say this also too; this article

isn’t aimed at painting hate pictures on paper towards iPhone, more so, no company or similar relations paid me to write this article.

This article is solely based on recent publications seen plying the route of the internet, this is me creating or rather, contributing my own quota of the motion.

Are you tired of reading already? No do not be, we’re finally moving into our destination –



Before we proceed let us pray *chuckles*… “How do we pray” you want to ask me right? Simple! Let’s go back the memory lane – History.

Let’s take a quick study/view of the histories of both Android and the IPhone. Are you ready for that? Fine, let’s go!

IPhone is a system developed from iOS. iOS was developed in 2007 mainly for Apple’s mobile devices such as IPads and iPhone.

Although the first was designed for iPhone. It is more like a work of art with beautiful and breathtaking qualities.

It’s invention created a rapid revolution in the technology industry – the mobile phone industry precisely,

thus giving an edge for Apple over other handset companies all over the world. Android excluded tho.

Android on the other hand is a system that was developed originally by Andy Rubin in the year

2003 but later bought by Google I’m 2005 (Don’t mistake Google as the original designer of Android system).

Its evolution upon several modifications succeeded in defeating the Symbian system to becoming the dominant mobile phone system as and then.

Since its evolution, the Android system has encountered several modifications such as its improvement to Linux as the version in which its based on.

This decision/modification was made due to the too simple version of the original interface of the system which was created by Rubin.

The Android system is the leading inventor of touch screen phones, and as and today, most mobile phone makes use of the android system for its buildup.

Now you see Android winning right! Yipee!


This aspect is one of the most strong factors that deciphers the best between the phones – either Android phones or Iphones.

In this aspect, I would be referring to just two phones; Samusng Galaxy S9+ and the IPhone X,

reason being that they’re the most current products of this two system under our debate. You get that? Fine!

But, before we move forward, I want you to bear in mind that Galaxy S9+ was released in March

2018 while IPhone X was released in September 22, 2018. Please bear that in mind.

Below is the specification of the two phones under consideration in this category. See things for yourself *chuckles*…


5 Reasons android phones are better than iphones 1
> Operating System – Android 8.0
> Processor – Octa-core 2.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
> RAM – 6gb
> Screen Size – 6.2 inches
> Screen Type – AMOLED
> Pixel Density – 5331ppi
> Water Resistant – Yes
> Wirlesss Charging – Yes
> Battery Capacity – 3,500 mAh
> Front Camera – 8mp
> Back Camera – 12mp
> Weight – 189g

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5 Reasons android phones are better than iphones 2

Operating System – iOS 11
> Processor – Apple A11 Bionic Chip
> RAM – 3gb
> Screen Size – 5.8in
> Screen Type – OLED
> Pixel Density – 459ppi
> Water Resistant – Yes
> Wirlesss Charging – Yes
> Battery Capacity – 2,716 mAh
> Front Camera – 7mp
> Back Camera – 12mp
> Weight – 174g

The above specifications is a clear indicator of areas the Android phone is better than the IPhone. You still don’t agree? Please keep reading…*smiles*.


As an economist, you must be able to buy the best product with the least possible cost (i.e amount of money).

I wouldn’t dwell too much on this, cause I want to guess we’re all acquainted with the point I’m driving at here –

The current day economy isn’t one smiling at us all. But before I move to the next point, let me drop this also real quick; IPhone X is NGN383,000 while Galaxy S9+ is NGN268,990. You can get any of then here without hesitation

Now you understand why I prefer Android to iPhone? Keep reading….


Would you rather pay for something you can almost effortlessly get done for free? This is the case of Android and iPhones.

You could possibly slide open the back of you mobile android device and insert a micro SD card of your choice which thus, adds up to the total memory of the device.

But the case of an IPhone isn’t so. IPhone doesn’t leave a space for an expandable storage, rather they make you pay to

upgrade to different memory offers. An example of iPhone offers to upgrade a 32GB storage to 64GB with a fee of $100! That’s too much! Just too exorbitant!

So, which would you prefer? A device who would incur extra costs while increasing the storage capacity or one which come free of every charge?

Let us proceed.


You and I would unarguably agree that Google is at present the king of the web, and there isn’t

any evident threat to terminate its reign. Now, what would a device which integrates the activity of Goggle into its system be? The king of devices! Isn’t it?

Let me explain a little further. Everyday are chunks of mobile phone users moving online for various activities and you’ll still agree with me

that most, if not all of this activities are been controlled by Google. Ranging from the Gmail, Play store to Google+, Google Maps, Google
Docs, Chrome, to mention but a few.

Now the big question is, are iphones up to these standards? Of course not! It’s really evident that they aren’t.

You’re still doubting? Keep reading till the end, you’ll understand better.

I can hear you saying; “but these actions can be performed by iPhones too”. But can you also hear

me saying; “there isn’t the perfect ability of an iPhone to work simultaneously on thisapplications”.

They aren’t just implemented deep enough to perform this action, of which androids do almost effortlessly

Talking about the “Google Now” available on Android devices, is another indicator that iPhones

haven’t really reached their standard, notwithstanding the presence of “Siri” on iPhones.

The Google Play store is a finisher! He’s the final smack-down we’re giving iPhone in this boxing

ring of words & specifications. The Play store’s user friendliness is one that can be reckoned with.

Well arranged setup and layout. You want to compare to the Apple App Store? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to. *smiles*

The process of submitting an app on Play store is pretty much easier & stress evading than that of

Apple App Store. The stress Apple App Store takes people like me through is one that frustrates

us like the process of admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria. And the painful aspect is the

act of finally refusing to accept an app under the claims of MALWARE. Too bad. Really bad.

Of all apps downloaded on Play-store, which can you pock point has having malware? Everything

depends on common sense and taking note to detailing. Reading recommendations and of course Reviews.

Are we still together dear reader? I want to guess we’re still. Now let’s move to the final point.


One of the most inviting and interesting part of Android phones is the ability to self customize your device.

Let’s see Apple as a military type of government while Android as a Democratic type. Apple takes

over all your default apps in order to maintain a common software and hardware experience, which I feel shouldn’t be so.

It doesn’t give a user liberty to explore maximally.

Cynics and defamers would definitely claim only kids or the immature mind would care much

about the Level of customization Android devices give, but I tell you, in almost all cases (if not all) this isn’t true.

A couple of iPhone users that I know actually love the ability to customize their mobile devices, and this can be proved when

Apple started allowing the third party keyboards implementation which aided a little bit of flexibility in iPhones.

The current Android device I’m using, I have close to 6 third party keyboards installed on it.

Peradventure I get bored of one, I switch to another in no time! Very sleek… Is your launcher also too dull to be used?

Doesn’t give you that level of vibe you need when fondling with your phone?

Android grants you the chance to change it as much as you could! Any one you desire. Don’t you like that? I bet you do!


Wow! It’s really been a smooth and enjoyable ride dissecting cum comparing different diversities

between the Android type of phones and the iPhones. Or isn’t it? I know you’re gleaming with smiles right now in front of your phone.

Or, are you still in doubts and you really don’t agree with me? Wouldn’t you rather express

yourself, thus making the world hear your opinion? Why not make use of the comment section? Let me hear your opinions too.

Definitely, both the Android devices and iPhones have their respectively advantages and disadvantages, but dear reader, as for me

and my household, forever shall we be using the Android type of devices *breaks into laughter*… Although we really don’t know what

the future holds for the duo – Android and iPhone. But with present predictions and speculations, I do not see Android

relenting on his pursuit to keep dominating as king over all systems.
I’ll be waiting to see your comment right here in the comment section of this post! And to you who

has suddenly fallen in love with Android devices, I’m really happy for you! And can’t wait to see

you fiddling cum enjoying the device your heart craves to have. Happy Exploration of a newly found world!.

Now you are clearly understand why i said android phones are better than iphones.

The question is, is it android phones are better than iphones?, let me hear your answer at the comment section.

Till I meet you once again.

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