7 Facts you didn’t know about Adobe Reader in modem computer world

7 Facts you didn't know about Adobe Reader in modem computer world 1

Here are 7 facts i’m sure you may didn’t know about Adobe Reader, read on, make sure you don’t skip any steps.

You are on your way to the classroom with your friends. You’re stuffed with textbooks of various

calibers, yet, you seem to be the only odd one there – You see your friends all holding a mobile

device or their laptops as they proceed towards the classroom with some of them making funny

gestures towards you. Now you’re drowning in a river of surprise and bewilderment about what went wrong.

Do not be surprised nor confused dear reader, nothing is actually going wrong.

I tell you, Nothing, Your friends have only ported to Adobe Reader!!! The sleek, portable and fast reader that’s ever existed.

Now, I’ve seem to have compounded your confusion right? Keep calm, I’ll explain what an Adobe Reader is. You just come along with me.

In simple words, an Adobe reader is a program or application used to open PDF files and documents. You still don’t get it? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

An Adobe Reader is a program which is used to open and read a PDF file on a cross-platform.

That is, the files looks the same irrespective of the platform one is viewing it from. PDF files or

documents are files which may include images, books, text documents or the combo of all these aforementioned.

Operations on Adobe Reader is totally free and it is designed, created, developed and distributed by Adobe Systems.

This article is written in order to reveal amazing and shocking facts about the Adobe Reader, that

a beginner wouldn’t know, and even a professional user of the application might not know.

Except from few of us who’ve dogged even further in our research *winks*

So, are you ready for this my dear friend? If yes, then let’s proceed!


7 Facts you didn't know about Adobe Reader in modem computer world 2

Adobe Reader Do Not Create PDFs

You think you’re stranded? You’ve being trying to create a PDF file using the Adobe Reader for

days, weeks, months or even years, do not be tired nor think you’re stranded, you’re only just on

the wrong platform. The Adobe Reader does not have the feature to create a PDF documents.

To create PDFs I would advice you to use the ADOBE ACROBAT READER. On this

application, you can create & edit PDFs as much as you want to. But, the program is paid for and

not offered for free by the Adobe systems like the Adobe Reader. In other words, you pay to access the application. I hope that is cleared and well understood.

In case you will love to create a PDF and to edit a PDF document, you can grab your Adobe Acrobat reader here at discount price.

• Adobe Reader Release/Launch Date

The Adobe Reader was released on the 15th day of June, in the year 1993 (15/06/2018) by the Adobe Systems as mentioned earlier.

The launching created a huge revolution which encouraged more creation of eBooks.

• Keyboard Shortcuts

You’re surprised? Yes, In expected you to be! Until now, I’m sure you

didn’t actually know there are shortcuts that could be used while operating on the Adobe Reader,

which in turn saves the time of operation. This also enhances flexibility for a user.

Listed below are various shortcuts available in the Adobe Reader application on a laptop – irrespective of its type.

> Page Up – This performs an action of moving the page of view back by a screen.

> Page Down – This moves the page of view forward by a screen.

> Ctrl+Page Up – This performs an action of moving the page of view back by a page.

> Ctrl+Page Down – This moves the page of view forward by a page

> Ctrl+Shift+Page Up – Returns page of view to the first page of the document.

> Ctrl+Shift+Page Down – Moves page of view to last page of the document.

With this simple controls, even a total newbie would find the application very easy to use.


Another surprise right! *chuckles*. The Adobe Reader is so flexible and easy to access as it implements varieties of languages in its program.

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This accounts for the reason Adobe Reader is widely accepted in our present age. Some of the

languages that can be accessed on the Adobe Reader are; English, Japanese, Russian, Swedish,

Korean, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish, French, Turkish, Norwegian, Chinese and Portuguese.

Now, were you thinking language might have restricted you from using this beautiful application?

I’m sure you’re quite elated at present that this barrier has finally been broken! *cheers*


Are you usually scared of the safety of your files when reading from your devices (be it mobile

devices, laptop or your desktop), then the best application for this operation is the Adobe Reader.

Almost all(if not all) legal practitioners place their trusts on PDFs as their preferred file format.

All thanks to the fact that PDFs does not get altered or tampered with without leaving electronic footprints, thus making it safe for use.


Another important feature, if the Adobe Reader is the multiple (up to 3) viewing mode it offers.

The “fit to screen”, the “Continuous Scroll”, and the “Re-flow text”.
The Re-flow type of viewing is the beat for me, and

this viewing mode can be easily switched under the menu tab, with each viewing mode with its different features.

This feature really makes reading interesting and enjoyable. I can’t wait for you to start it!


And yes finally, Adobe Reader allows you to print your desired file into hard copy!

If you feel like sharing to a friend who possibly doesn’t have a device (either mobile or computer),

you can with ease, print out such file directly from your device (either phones or laptop) into hard copy.


I know you’re somewhat surprised about these features of Adobe Reader highlighted here,

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I was also similar surprised when I discovered them before sharing to you.

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy using Adobe Reader more from this moment henceforth.

We always desire to hear from our prospective reader like you reading this article right now, so do let us know your thought about this article.

Thanks for passing by. I hope you enjoying this article?

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