Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own

To identify quality android watches always hard that is why we came up with this lists of top 10 latest android watches for you to select from.

Are you tired of seeing that dull old looking watch pinned helplessly to your wrist all day?

You probably want to upgrade to a more sophisticated watch that offers something better than just showing time.

Imagine how proud you will be with one of those sophisticated sleek android watches you see on TV lying on your wrist .

Even more interesting is drawing all attention to you with just a sight of your watch.

Android watches aren’t like your normal wrist watches, they are sophisticatedly designed with an appearance that will

leave you rooted to your spot, there features include GPS tracking, make calls, access notifications on your phone and many more, which I bet your watch can’t handle.

Luckily for you, there are lots of android watches on sale in malls and online stores like jumia, konga, and amazon sold at affordable prices.

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Before investing in an android watch, take a look at our list of top ten android watches which will suit you and make you stand out in crowds.

Time to say bye bye to your boring watch and embrace one of these android watches, after reading this you are probably going to sweep your old watch under your bed and run

straight to the mall to get one of these, guess what ? It’s worth the rush, Let’s Get started.

1. Tic Watch E

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 1

This device looks like your normal watch, don’t be mistaken because it offers a hundred more than your watch can offer.

Tic watch E is a smart watch which includes features like in-built Bluetooth tracking which enables android phone

notifications from apps like Gmail , Facebook, intagram to be accessed. This watch has a classic design that goes with all outfit so be rest assured of taking it to the bar.

It has a WiFi connection and is compatible with android version 4.3 or also has a GPS tracker, heart beat crown it all Tic E is waterproof and has a storage capacity of 4 GB, with a ram space of 512 mb

2. Huawei watch 2

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 2

This smart watch was launched in 2018, which is an upgrade over Huawei previous editions of smart watches.

This device has a built in Bluetooth ear bud which allows you to connect to your phones which guarantees access to your applications, messages and notification.

it performs all functions your phone can also allows you to make calls with an E-sim.

Huawei are working on a new improved version of this device which promises to be a bomb.

3. Apple watch series 3

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 3

Like other apple products, this watch is compatible with iPhone 5 or higher versions with an ios of 11 and above.

Series 3 is a waterproof device which allows you to perform activities like swimming.

This device was launched in 2017 with additional feature and apps created to track heartbeat, sleep and gaps location. Its gaps works within a range of 42mm.

4. Garmin fenix 3

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 4

This is a fitness oriented smart watch with portable Gps tracker, and measures heart rate through purses present on the wrist.

it has an outdoor navigation feature like 3-axis compass and a barometer along with altimeter.

it connects to Bluetooth devices from android and iPhone backed by a long battery life.

5. LG watch style

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 5

This android watch goes with all outfit, and highly compatible with devices that use android version 4.3 or higher.

it create access to emails, notification and messages from your phones.

6. S928 sport watch

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 6

This is a professional sport watch which tracks GPS location, heart rate, body temperature and pressure.

it works really well with android phones.

7. Misfit vapor

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 7

Misfit vapor is a comfortable unisex smart watch which functions as your normal android phone.

it comprises of a Bluetooth device, GPS tracker and a Wi-Fi connection but unfortunately doesn’t support cellular network.

Misfit vapor comes with trackers that tracks heart rate, distance and activities.

it is supported by Google and compatible with android and iPhone.

8. Polar M600

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 8

Polar m600 is a watch designed mainly for sport and fitness activities .this device is suitable for sport tracking, but before

then it monitors your daily activities like sleep, rest and work , it features makes it a must have for fitness lovers.

Polar m600 is accurate in measuring heart rate that notwithstanding it also incorporate android features like

Google map, GPS tracking, and music has a long battery life of 500MAH along with a storage capacity of 5GBA

ram. it is light is size and waterproof, thereby supporting activities like swimming.

9. Asus zenwatch 3

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 9

Asus zenwatch 3 is a smart watch with a design that is second to none.if you are a big fan of fashion then Asus zenwatch 3 is

the right choice for you.this Android watch was carefully created from 3 different steel colours , a possession everyone will be dying to have in their closet.

Away from it appearance, zenwatch 3 doesn’t do that much compared to other Android watch on this list but still possess

desirable features -long battery life, fitness manager and sleep tracker.if you a big fan of tech , zenwatch 3 will be a wrong

pick with more improvement needed in many areas , that not withstanding it comes with a GPS

tracker and heart rate monitor. zenwatch rates higher in appearance than it features.

10.Samsung Gear 3

Top 10 Android Watches You will wish To Own 10

Samsung are know for producing high quality product with classic appearance to leave you speechless, this device is no exception.

It is designed like your normal day watch but does a whole lot better.with Samsung Gear 3 you can give your phone a break while this device takes over.

it does all what your smart phone can do thanks to it’s speaker you can make calls, read messages, listen to music and click on your apps whenever you want.

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This Android watch works with alot of Android device and iPhone 5 or higher versions.

Now you have a variety of Android watches to choose from at Affordable prices , the choice is yours Hurry and get one.

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