Computer Accessories: you need to have

Computer Accessories: you need to have 1

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Computer accessories is designed as a supplement added to computer to increase its efficiency and make it more useful.

Computer accessories are tools or devices connected to a computer to increase its efficiency and yield maximum result.

Some common accessories include a microphone, speakers, joystick, light pen,  webcams, Game pad,and speakers etc.

Over the years, these accessories have undergone a lot of improvement, an example

is the modern day keyboard unlike previous versions which were solely designed

for input only, latest keyboard editions are Bluetooth oriented and faster to type with.

Most computer systems are packaged with some of this devices especially keyboard and mouse,

in cases where some of this devices are damaged or absent they are connected as accessories to enable it to function better.

Some of this computer accessories include:

Bluetooth keyboard

Typical keyboards are designed for feeding data into the computer system.

Bluetooth keyboards are an upgrade over the normal keyboard, with their sleek designs second to none.

They are light in weight and portable to move about. it works with every device that has a Bluetooth connection.

it can be used in place of inbuilt keyboards on cell phones which isn’t too convenient

for typing many words, it works on devices like Android smartphones, tablet, and laptops.

Bluetooth keyboards are very easy to connect, all you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth connection

on your device and that of the keyboard, search and click on the Bluetooth device and start using, is as simple as that.

This sleek device allows to switch between windows, some of this keyboard is foldable, an example is airfox k80.

other versions include airfox k180, k2, and Logitech k380. most of this device is wireless.

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Game controllers

Game controllers are accessories designed for game lovers which are connected to the computer for a unique gaming experience.

Most computers are purchased with no game controllers, using keyboards and mouse as makeshift.

Unfortunately, these device doesn’t offer the same fun and comfort controllers give.

This is a more reason why Game controller are important. Some of the best game controllers for pc include

dual shock 4, x box 360 controller, Nintendo switch afro controllers and Logitech driving force shifters for windows.

Light pen

Light is very important computer accessories that every retails outlet should have.

A light pen is a small light-sensitive input device used in selecting objects on a computer. It performs the same function as a mouse,

the only difference insists sensitivity to light like a mouse, it clicks, drags and drops.


Not all computers are built with the camera, which is why an external camera is used to supplement this feature.

Webcams are mostly attached e monitor or placed on a desk. Webcams are connected via USB and

are mainly used to broadcast videos, mostly on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Skype.

Apart from this, they are relatively useful in taking photos, making motion movies and on rare cases used as a security camera in some homes.


A microphone is an input device connected to a computer to convert commands

in audio form to digital form. it is a substitute to keyboard and mouse. The major uses of a

microphone in a computer are for sound recognition and audio records, most computers provide

a port for connecting microphones at the back or side, the port is specifically indicated with a symbol that looks like a mic.

Flash drive

Flash drives are external storage device used to transfer documents, photos, videos, and apps from a computer into its storage unit and vice versa.

The size of the file it can accommodate depends on the storage capacity. They are small in size,

reliable and can be transported around owing to their portability. This device is wireless and available at affordable price,

files stored here can be accessed at any time as long as the device is not corrupted by virus or malware.

They are reliable and serve as back up option for files in case the original files are lost.


A modem is a networking hardware device which paves way for Internet connectivity.

Since most laptops and pc aren’t built with a sim slot, like those present in cell phones, a modem is quite handy in solving this problem.

it allows you to access the Internet through a dial-up connection which converts data

between the analog RMS used on service provider lines to the digital forms used in computers.

Hotspot is an alternative here, since it allows you to tap from the Internet connection of nearby user,

but its processing speed is sometimes slow. With a modem, Internet speed is higher.


Printers are output device connected to a computer to convert documents from soft copy to hard copy.

Inters are one of the peripheral units a computer.

The size of printers has evolved from been gigantic like it was in the past to the portable ones we now see around.

They are used for printing documents at home, offices, and other technological acquainted places.

Printers are of different size and for their different purpose.

Laser ink

This set of printers works like a photocopy machine, they do a great job of replicating quality images on a piece of paper,

and they are fast and highly efficient. Laser printer produces text, graphics, and images.

Snapshot printer

This printer is dubbed “photo printer”, they are used in printing photos, they are small in size and cost-effective

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Headphones/ Earphones

Headphones are used for voice over communication, playing online games that require communication and listening to music.

Earphones and Headphones are used for the same purpose but the difference remains in their Sizes.

Some Headphones comes with a microphone in its pack. Modern Earphones/Headphones are

wireless using Bluetooth to connect to devices. This set of earphones only work with devices that have a Bluetooth connection.

USB cables

This is Accessory aids transfer of files like documents, videos, photos, graphic designs from phones to computers and vice versa.

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All computers have USB ports. Unlike flash drives files cannot be stored on them, they only serve as a connection between phone and computers.

This cable creates an option for changing phones connected to and from your personal computer or laptops.

you can get any computer accessories of your choice at

Which of the computer accessories listed here do you have? and which one do you like to add?.


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