Imagine a world with no cell phone, internet, computers, TV set or light bulb, your guess is as good as mine,

life will be damn boring. This was the life in the Stone Age but thanks to technology our world is a whole lot better.

From light bulbs to spacecraft, technological inventions have been a major hit in our

society, affording us a better quality of life than we could ever imagine.

We owe a lot to technology, it is the main reason why you are reading this post.

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it has made the impossibe very much possible, with information relatively easy to access.

The influence of technology has eaten deep into all sectors of life ranging from business, education, to communication,

making the world a global village. With more innovations coming up every day, we look at the top ten technological inventions that changed the world.

The lists of technological inventions are:


The Internet is an acronym for an international network, it is a network of the computer that shares available resources.

The Internet allows you to gain access to thousands of information on the web with just one click. And news available at your fingertip.

The Internet brings people from all part of the world together under one digital community through Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

Business activities can be carried out in the comfort of one’s home, that make internet as the most valuable technological inventions.


This is also one of the most valuable technological inventions.

The world’s first mobile phone was invented in 1973, a lot of improvement has gone into this sector to create the best experience for users.

Android and smartphones are the latest improved versions of cell phones, with features enhanced to meet user’s

expectation. Mobile phone companies like Apple, Tecno, and Nokia are in constant

competition to create the best product. Though small in size, mobile phones are programmed to accomplish different tasks at the same time.

With this device, you can communicate with people from any part of the world, watch videos, play games, take lovely photos and surf the internet.

Communication has been made easier and faster with the aid of this powerful device.


This invention is credited to the Wright brothers.it is considered as one of the best technological inventions of all

time .airplanes are used to transport people to any part of the world at a very short time.it is one of the fastest means of

transportation to anywhere across the globe at any time. Air-crafts like plane,

helicopter, and jets are continuously improved to create maximum satisfaction


Fiber optics is the backbone of networking, it is a system of communication whereby a huge number of cables are

enclosed in an insulated jack, to transmit signals in the form of invincible light.

Fiber optic cables are utilized in networking and, communication sector.

Without this, you probably won’t be able to communicate with people over long distance.


The first set of computers were large in size and slow in processing speed. Fast track to 2018, personal computers have

been improved to become a portable device with a high processing speed. This device collects, accepts, and process

data into information. it uses artificial intelligence, unlike previous editions which uses transistors and vacuum tube

technology. With the invention of this device, the stress of paperwork has reduced, with information’s provided at the

speed of light. Its storage capacity is high to store millions of files, examples of pc include a laptop, phones, palmtop etc.


Digital cameras are used to capture stunning images, which is an advancement over film cameras where images captured are blur and dull.

Digital cameras can create colorful and sophisticated images of high quality.it is relatively easy to use as most cameras are

built with high-quality digital cameras. Stunning pictures can be taken at the comfort of one’s home, with selfies originating from the use of a digital camera.


Genetic engineering is an advanced form of medicine, where technology is used to alter the genetic makeup of an organism

to create desired changes. This is carried out in all organisms with DNA strands, ranging from a unicellular organism like a

virus to higher organisms like humans.so far this method has created chemical substance like vaccines, insulin, drugs, and growth hormones.


Sometimes, this invention is branded as a negative invention, but its uses cannot be ignored even though it creates more harm than good.

After many wars and conflicts breaking out among nations, the defense of a country is paramount, which is why more

sophisticated weapons are created to ensure a stronger security system is put in place. More sophisticated weapons

are created to empower the defense unit for every country. This invention helps in maintaining security and wade off

enemies from attacking. A country like Russia and America are feared greatly because of their capabilities in creating ammunition.


The original inventor of this device isn’t clear, with many people contributing their own quota to its success.

The need for modern automobile came up in the 18th century, as an alternative to other forms of transportation like train,

foot, and animal. Transportation was done at a slow pace with businessmen and women finding it difficult to get their

goods to customers on time. Most journeys were embarked upon by foot which was stressful and time-consuming.
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The fastest men of transportation prior to the invention of the automobile were through animals like horse, donkeys, and camel.

Automobiles were invented at the nick of time, coming to the rescue of many people, it featured out thronged all other forms of transportation.

Thanks to automobile you can transport your goods to the desired location at a shorter time than it used to be the case.

it is a cheap means of transportation, which facilitate movement from one place to another with relative ease.


The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison after many failures before finally making ahead through.


Light bulbs are an artificial source of light which can be used to light up a place at all-time replacing traditional means like a candle, and oil lamps.

Those technological inventions are very essential to us human being because they made our generation more comfortable.

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Do you have any quota on the technological inventions, do feel free to leave a comment below.

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