Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018

Every webmaster appreciates a good and solid web hosting service from any web hosting company and liquid web hosting services are just exactly what you need in a perfect web hosting company.

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 1

Liquid web hosting services maybe expensive though but it also does not offer shared hosting just like several

other web hosting companies and this is the basic reason why the shared hosting is quite flexible.

Description of Liquid web hosting Serves

Liquid Web Managed Word PressLiquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 2

The liquid web hosting is a privately owned web hosting company which is ranked as number one in web

hosting business amongst its counterparts which are Whogohost, Bluehost, Godaddy and Hostgator.

Some traditional web hosting services provide shared web hosting and this is a term that several people and webmasters do not quite fully understand.

What is shared hosting?

In a nutshell, shared hosting simply means that one server is used to host many customers websites,

and many customers get to use one server among-st themselves. The shared hosting has one bad side which is simply

reducing the flexibility of the hosting since the memory space of the hosting will be shared among-st the customers using the same server.

A shared hosting creates a lot of headache, considering that other customers using the same

server may be into spamming, thereby using the same server to send emails without authorization and permission.

This spamming issue will give you a bad reputation for email services.

the websites attached to the shared hosting started receiving much visitors, the hosting

plan will go down and you will start experiencing server error or server downtime.

Sometimes, shared hosting customers do complain of blacklising of IP addresses

but this is as a result of some services like Gmail which does not support spamming, and as such

will blacklist the IP addresses of the server, this will mark any email sent from the server as spam.

This will affect everyone sharing the same server even if you’re involved in the mess or not so long you guys are using the same server.

One of the worst issues of shared hosting is that it gives you no privacy nor control over your hosting service.

The liquid web hosting specializes in providing advanced supported web hosting services to their customers.

Due to the cost of their services, they do web hosting for large organizations but also creates a web hosting plan for small business owners.

Notwithstanding the fact that liquid web hosting offers an expensive web

hosting services, they are trusted and reliable when it comes to their hosting services.

With an up time of 99.9% rating and a downtime of 59 seconds, I presume this is the best you can get from any premium web hosting services.

The liquid web hosting also knows that shared hosting have never gone down too well

with several website owners and this is why they have decided to create a virtual server

plan (VPS) which gives you to one server without sharing with another customer.

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 3Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 4

The VPS gives you an in-depth authority over your website, so you do not need to worry about getting punished for an offense you know nothing about.

Your website information, data and resources are safe from the unauthorized party.

The liquid web hosting have given web hosting a new look which is quite different from the ones Godaddy and Bluehost offers.

If your website is WordPress powered, liquid web hosting will be a great option

for you because their services principally includes managed WordPress hosting.

The key features of liquid web hosting services

24/7 monitoring by liquid web’s “sonar monitoring” team. Good number of tools are employed to monitor

the services and state of the system to make sure each users servers are functioning very optimally.

This allows for early detection and quick resolution of problems because liquid web dedicated monitoring team searches for problems proactively.

Sometimes, severe cases gets resolved even before the customer takes notice of the lingering issue with his hosting service.

Self managed servers are available that don’t include the teams engagement,

but monitoring servers will send an email alert as soon as any kind of problem is detected.

Fully managed dedicated servers

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 5Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 6

Liquid webs is highly committed to providing state-of-the-art system that has resulted in its next generation servers which are called the storm servers.

One unique thing about the platform is that the servers do not only run on dedicated hardware

for the clients infrastructure but also have the same powerful features that could servers do.

Dedicated servers are also available in three versions

. A single Intel quad-core processor

. Two different configuration with Intel dual xeon processor.

Each of those is customizable to get the desired number of CPUs and the right amount of RAM and drive space.

Some other key features are:
. Storm Platform VPS Hosting
. Storm Private Cloud Liquid Web Storm VPSLiquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 7
. Add-on Features for Added Versatility

Any good a web hosting company seems to be and how expert their services seem,

there must be some sides to it which must constitute its pros and cons and we are just about giving you the details here.

Let us start with the pros of liquid web hosting services

. Money back guarantee
Using this web hosting service comes with a 30-days money back guarantee

for the VPS hosting plans and equally free domain name registration.
The company have equally

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 8Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 9

lifted the bar for the other companies to reach, and as such we can say that liquid web customer service is exceptional.

. Dedicated servers
The liquid web hosting provides three types of service plans for wordpress hosting management, VPS and dedicated servers.

Using dedicated servers gives you full control over the setup and running of your server,

you have the freedom to choose and implement whatever option suits your website.

. Free website transfer
If you have a WordPress website, you can easily transfer it to liquid web server

without incurring any charge at all. Thanks to the liquid web free migration service.

. Free domain registration
Their hosting plans may be expensive no doubts, but they still provide free services like free

domain registration and free SSL certification for a period of one year. I know this is what you must be probably looking for, and its here now.

. Real-time monitoring
Liquid web hosting provides support to customers through their monitoring team

who make sure 24/7 surveillance is carried out on ever website registered on their platform and ensuring 100% user experience.

Cons of liquid web hosting services

. Higher costs
Liquid web hosting prices per plan is higher when compared to other web hosting companies

but the good thing here is that you get exactly what you pay for judging from the quality of the service and its support.

. No shared hosting
Considering the fact that we have leveled above the bad sides of shared hosting,

it is alternatively cheaper than stand alone host which is the only WordPress hosting offered by liquid web hosting services.

This is the reason why their target audience includes higher-traffic websites that needs managed WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated server hosting.

Managed Word Press 50% off for 2 months on any plan! Starting at $34.50/mo

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018 10

In conclusion, I think you should keep aside shared hosting plans and go for liquid

web hosting as it is one of the best web hosting plans out there with the best services.

Although their charge is high, I suppose you would like to pay for quality than quantity.

Going for liquid web hosting services will be the greatest option to choose from and have your

website give your potential visitors the best user experience they have ever had when visiting other websites.

Liked this review? Try liquid web hosting services out now and change your web hosting experience.

I hope this is the kind of service you want, you can get it right here¬†without stress and remember i’m here to help you out.

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