Android vs iPhone: which should you buy

If you’re thinking of buying a new smartphone and are confused which one to buy between Android and iPhone this may just be what you need. It really hard to talk about Android vs iPhone

Before getting started you should know that this article isn’t meant to extensively discuss the features of both but to merely guide you on which one will suit you.

Android and iPhone remain the biggest smartphones in the market, the best release from this two: Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone x are already gaining attention among users.

Before investing in any of this two you may want to put price and overall performance into consideration, you don’t want to buy a product you won’t be able to maintain.

To save you that stress and from making mistakes we came up with comparisons we know will be useful to you.
Fasten your seat belt let me take you on this jolly ride……..

Android vs iPhone: Real comparison


For you to come to the conclusion of buying one of this, you already know they won’t come is no longer news that Android phones are cheaper.

you can get an average Android phone for #40,000 and above, I bought my camon CX at #53,000.  Infinix Android phones are sold for far less than the above amount.

Top 10 latest Smartphones In 2018

You may want to switch your attention from these cheap phones to a bigger and better one like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone x. These two will give you a run for your money.

you wouldn’t want to be taken by surprise when you finally decide to buy one of these.

If you are looking for a better upgrade of Android phones: Samsung Galaxy S9, one plus 6 and Huawei mate 10 pro are just what you need but their prices are high.

Most of this phones are priced at nothing less than #100,000 at online stores like jumia and konga while Samsung Galaxy S9 goes for nothing less than # 220,000.

If you think that the price is high , then the price of iPhones will sweep you off your feet. iPhone x is sold on jumia from #300,000 upward while lower versions like iPhone 6 goes for #60,000 above.

Don’t let the price sway you even though it still remains a factor, You may want to take a look at the features they provide for such amount. The points noted below will determine if you will want to pathways with your money.

Body design of Android vs iPhone

Apple’s latest bunch of smartphones: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus comes with eye-catching and beautiful design.
I must confess I was attracted to the iPhone x the day I went to purchase my camon cx from the phone store.

I wanted to take it along with me but the hefty looking security man standing by the door may beat me to coma.

Ironically, most Android phones were trying so much to replicate iPhone designs but recently Android phones are beginning to have an edge over iPhones in terms of design and body build leaving iPhone to play catch-up.

Most Android phones now use an “all screen” display: Samsung and infinix are just one example. You will agree with me that even though infinix doesn’t belong in the league of iPhones they still have a sleek design compared to some of these high rated product.

I know you may want to question my likeness for using Samsung products most notably the Galaxy S9 as an example when it comes to Android. I am not trying to be partial here the reason is simple: Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best Android product in the market.

Storage of Android vs iPhone

Gone are days when smart phones used to come with a meagre 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, latest smartphone relase comes with a huge storage capacity with no SD card needed to complement it storage.

Smartphones now embrace the “laptop storage capacity” of 256GB and 4GB RAM, this massive storage from both Android and iPhone implies that you can store large number of documents and multimedia files like videos and pictures.

Lower Android release like infinix, and camon still uses the outdated 16GB unit of storage but higher products from Samsung and Huawei uses 256GB of storage.

Smart watch compatibility of Android vs iPhone

If you own a smart watch like Asus zenwatch 3, you will want to buy a smartphone that is compatible with it. Lucky enough, there are loads of smartphones that are compatible with it ranging from Android to iPhones but most smart watch only works with Android version 4 and higher.

If you are purchasing an iPhone you must take note that smart watch operating system older than iOS 11 mostly display 32-bit app on their devices which isn’t compatible with iPhones.

To guide you, the following smart watches: Misfit vapor, Garmin Fenix 3 and Samsung Gear S3 are compatible with both Android and iPhone; Apple series 3 and Asus zenwatch 3 are compatible with only iPhones especially iPhone 5 and higher.

Battery life of Android vs iPhone

Smartphones generally attract lots of complain in terms of battery life, and in particular, the iPhones seems to attract a larger percentage of these complains more then any other device.

iPhone X has the most improved battery capacity of a meagre 2,716mah, a capacity too small for the function this phone carryout. Most Android phones like infinix Hot 5 comes with a better battery life than iPhones, not to mention Gionee whose smartphones have one of the best battery life.

My camon has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh. If you’re one of those that spend long hours on the phone, iPhones may not be the best pick for you.

Camera of Android vs iPhone

If you’re a selfie addict or camera freak you may want to evaluate of these smartphones before buying them I took a picture with my present camon cx before pathing ways with my money.

Interms of camera,there are both super and Awful Android cameras, it all depends on the product you are looking to buy.
Domain names for just 88 cents!Android vs iPhone: which should you buy 1
The iPhone camera is great especially that of iPhone X but Android still remains the cheaper and better in terms of managing Photos. Here you have the comparison of Android vs iPhone

5 Reasons android phones are better than iphones

There you have it….. I trust this Evaluation will help you make the right choice concerning your next smartphone.

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