8 Common technology issue and their solutions(Ultimate guild)

8 Common technology issue and their solutions(Ultimate guild) 1

Here are 8 Common technology issue Everyone who use technology products like electronics gadgets,

For instance: computer, printer, phone, smartphone, and many other more must face one technology issue.

And mostly of the problems are something you can fix by yourself successfully without consulting any expert.

If you are always don’t know what to do when you have some common technology issue then you are in the right place

because we will going to teach you 8 common technology issue and how you can solve them without involving anybody.

Below We  will describe the most commonly encountered technology issues and how to handle it step by steps.

Before we start, you know this a tutorial so i like to encourage you to read it step by steps because you even may use

what you will learn here to make money, some people their system have any minor issue they begin to look for

somebody to fix it for them and from today you could be that person. Are you ready?, for me i’m ready.

8 Common technology issue

  1. The printer is not working
  2. The computer is Frozen
  3. The keyboard is not working
  4. New hardware or software is working incorrectly
  5. The mouse is not working properly
  6. A program is not responding
  7. The browser’s homepage suddenly changed
  8. The computer is slow


Issue 1: The printer is not working:

  • check if the printer is turned on, if not turn it on and try again.
  • check if printer has paper, if not put paper in the paper tray and try printing again.
  • check if the printer has paper jam, if yes, remove the paper , close the printer and try printing again.
  • Ensure that all printer cable are properly connected.
  • turn off the printer and turn on again. If the issue is still not rectify then check to see if a new printer derive is needed. Do this by going to the manufacturer’s website to search for your printer model and checking for any update drive. Note: you may seek your system administration before installing any drivers.

Issue 2 & 6: The computer is frozen and program is not responding:

  • press the ctrl, alt and delete key at the same time. Then start the task manager, highlight the program’s name, and hit the end task button.
  • Perform a hard reboot by simply press the on / off button to turn off the computer manually. This operation should only be done as a last resort if you have an unresponsive program or critical error. this process could cause data lose or corruption of files. Once the computer is responding again run a virus check.

Issue 3: The keyboard is not working:

1. Make sure the keyboard is connected to the computer. If not, connect it to the computer

2. If you are using a wireless keyboard, try changing the battery.

3. If one of the keys on your keyboard get started, turn the computer off and clean with a damp cloth. Use the mouse to restart the computer.

Issue 4: New hardware or software is working incorrectly:

1. Verify your computer meets the requirements of the program or utility.

2. Uninstall and install the program again the could be a conflict another installed program and you should contact your system administrator.

Issue 4: The mouse is not working correctly:

1. Check if the mouse securely pegged into the computer, if not plug it in completely.

2. Check to see if the cord has been damaged. If so, replace the cord and if you are using cordless mouse, then try to pushing the connection button on the underside of the mouse to reestablish a connection.

Finally clean the mouse, especially on the bottom.

Issue 5: The computer is slow:

1. First all restart your computer.

2. Verify that there is at least 200-500 mb of free hard drive space. To do so, select start and click on my computer or compute.

3. Then highlight the local c drive by clicking on it once. Select the properties button at the top left hated corner of the window.

This will Display a window showing how much free and used space you have. If you need recapture space.

4. Empty your recycle bin. how can you do this , right – click on recycle bin icon on your desktop, then select empty recycle bin.

It may ask you” do you want to delete this fill permanently ? “Click yes.

5. Perform a disk cleanup. to do so – click start button – my computer or computer – highlight the local c drive by clicking on it once.

Then select the properties button at the top of the window.

To the general tab and select disk cleanup. When the disk cleanup finishes running , click on clean up system files, this will erase any unuseful system-related files from your local disk.

6. Check your mail file. Remove any large attachments and unuseful mail from your mail program.

7. Video and images consume alots of space so consider moving those to an external drive.

Information in computer files changes often, resulting in gaps or space within the file.

This act take up more space on the computer and can cause computer to slow down. To reclaim this gaps in space, run disk defeat. To do so

8. Click start – go to my computer or computer. Highlight the local c drive by clicking on it once, then select the properties button at the top left window- go to the tools tab and select run defragmentation.
9. Old or unused programs that are not been used may still have components raining control.

Common computer issue and solutions.

Behind the scenes when you start your computer which can slow down the system . You can prevent these programs from running when you start your computer by removing. Unsed shortcuts and tunning off unsed program services.

How to remove unused shortcuts from Window start up.

Click start button – control panel – administrative tools – service.

For each program services to highlight it, click the stop link to stop the service from running, then doubt – click the service, choose start up type of disabled, and click OK.

Then run a virus scan to remove potential viruses that can slow down your computer.

(Download latest antivirus software or app here) or get your free trial here.

You know without antivirus your computer is at risk because web is full of viruses. So I strongly encourage to installed at least 2 latest antivirus software on your system.

Remember, protection is better than cure.

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Thanks for passing by I hope you enjoy the article ?, 8 Common technology issue and their solutions. And to learn more how to fix more common technology issue, then click here to learn more


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