SEO TIPS: 4 powerful tips to improve your site’s seo

This are for 4 powerful seo tips to improve your website seo in fews months. This seo tips work like crazy, check them out to sought out your ranking issue.

Most times I stumble on post from bloggers complaining about how poor their site ranks on google, and how they will like to correct this.

SEO TIPS: 4 powerful tips to improve your site's seo 1

The Question I always ask is this: Do you implement SEO?, to my greatest surprise the answers that came back almost threw me off balance.

What is SEO?, How do I buy SEO? Are just few examples of the answers I get.

Most people ask me how I managed to operate three blogs and at the same time get my page ranked high on google.

The answer is simple – “SEO”. It baffles me to know that most people still run their site without prior knowledge of SEO,

it is more like saying I run a business without a market strategy.

If you imagine how poor that sounds, the same applies to not having SEO. SEO is your key to gaining traffic to your blog.

I just can’t pay deaf ears to the ignorance of most people towards SEO Tips

which is why i am going to try my possible best to explain in lame man language what SEO is all about.

What is the essence of giving you seo tips when you do not understand what SEO is in the first place.

What is SEO

I know you will be poised to asked what is the full meaning of SEO – it stands for search Engine Optimization.

I don’t want to use big grammar to explain this, in simple terms SEO is a way of designing your website to improve its ranking on search results pages.

With the right SEO TIPS you can get your page on first page of search results which

automatically drives traffic to your site because most users are likely to click on the first page than later pages.

If your site doesn’t use SEO it is very likely to find it ranked low on search engine search pages. That is the simple logic.

You may want to ask how you can i do this, not to worry I will be dishing out seo tips that will help you improve your Site’s SEO without paying a dime to anybody.

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This seo tips are the secret behind my site’s high ranking on search engines. Lets get started…….

Right keywords

Have you heard the saying “content is king” but you’ve probably not heard this one – “keyword is supreme”.

In every post, there is targeted audience. For instance, if you want to write an article on online marketing.

This topic cut across various audience but to lower your focus on certain group you may want to write on ” how to make money online”.

With this headline your post will meet the targeted need of a group of people. That is how keyword works.

Using the right keyword gets you more audience which translates to more visitors and further increase your conversion rate.

It is advisable to use your keyword in the first and last paragraph of your article,

this increase the likelihood of your page getting higher ranking when google crawls across millions of pages for content.

You must remember that keyword is the first step to improve your site’s SEO , others may follow after it.

SEO tips 2: Create unique content

Am going to repeat this again”content is king” don’t ever underestimate this.

Your content is the attractive force that brings more visitors to your site, people will only click on pages that holds the answer to their problem.

like the example cited above, people are going to click on that page because

is going to show them the way to make money through the internet, after all everyone likes money.

If you want to rank your site higher, create unique content that are grammatically correct and free from plagiarism.

if your site is prone to copy and paste your ranking on search engine results will be at the bottom.

when google crawls for content, they go for those that are rich in both quality and quantity

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Some people are still confused about how sitemaps increases their site’s SEO, the truth is that it does in its own bit.

A sitemap like the name implies is a simple guide or directory that contains detailed information about the pages on your website.

Sitemaps serve as a guide for search engines like google to crawl and detect information on your website.

This helps to organise your pages for easy accessibility and navigation.

There are mainly two types of sitemaps: XML and HTML sitemaps.

XML sitemaps aren’t visible to users but search engines like google are able to view this and get information about every update on your site.

While HTML sitemaps are accessible to visitors to help them locate content they are looking for.

Build backlinks

In simple terms, a backlink is any link from another site that navigates users to your site.

I must confess I was also a victim of this, it took me long to figure this out.

I promised I was going to touch on this while writing this post. Most bloggers especially newbies ignore the importance of backlinks.

Backlinks is a way of getting recommendation about the capability and quality of your site from other site owners.

When top sites like Naijagist or bellanaija refer users to information from your site,

it gives an impression that your site is on the same level with theirs even if it isn’t .

Just any link won’t do, the best backlink is the one that is relevant to your site’s niche, send in traffic and also from a trusted and reputable site.SEO TIPS: 4 powerful tips to improve your site's seo 2When it comes to SEO, backlinks are one of the sure ways of driving traffic, but also the hardest to get.

Due to its difficulty many people get backlinks the wrong way by paying to shady SEO companies.

Like any cheat you are likely to get caught by google sooner or later.and when this happens all the good work on your website will be gone within a minute.

Are you thinking of getting your website on the first page? If you are caught cheating 21st page will be even hard for you to get.

The most popular way of getting backlinks is by creating effective , interesting and well written content that get shared on other web sites.
SEO TIPS: 4 powerful tips to improve your site's seo 3
Another way of getting backlinks is by working as a guest blogger on sites that will earn links to your site.

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So this is all seo tips we have for you, for now, subscribe to this blog to receive more seo tips like this. Thanks reading.

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