IPHONE X REVIEW: Price, Features and Complains

It is hard to believe that I haven’t written a Review about the biggest smartphone in the market. Not to worry, I have finally taken the Bull by the Horn, here is iphone x review today. This iPhone X is the Biggest kid on the block from the stable of Apple.

IPHONE X REVIEW: Price,  Features and Complains 1

Prior to it’s release in the late phase of 2017, it’s announcement alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus at the Steve jobs theater grabbed a lot of Ground Breaking headline.

After keeping the public guessing on what to expect. The iPhone X Finally Landed and fortunately delivered. You get the mega iPhone x review today.

Apart from being the newest product and latest among iPhone Series, it comes with a lot of Fascinating features that sets it apart.

With all the Raves and Attention is Grabbing, you’re Right to Wonder if is actually Worth it.

Your Concern is Same as ours, Luckily, this Review provides Detailed Explanation about iPhone X.
Lets Take a look…………………..

iPhone x review


A New phone should come with a new look. The iPhone X didn’t disappoint in that area. A quick glance at it’s external will convince you to part ways with your money.

The iPhone X has a different look to previous iPhone versions. It looks like Apple are finally beginning to get creative with their product outlook.

Removing the home button and resizing the bezels gives it a different appearance from previous iPhones produced since 2007.

The phone’s all-glass rear is similar to that of iPhone 8 plus but comes with a vertical Dual-camera orientation as opposed to iPhone 8 horizontal set-up.

With only the iPhone logo inscribed at the back, it’s looks less crowded and sleek. With a more elongated power button at the side, it is easier to find and press.

Away from it External, its internal display and screen resolution have been transformed in small bit.

With a well balanced colour resolution and screen display, its 5.8 OLED retains it’s position as the best iPhone has ever come up with.


With many improved features inserted, Apple left a few unwanted spot unattended to in the making of this product.

One problem and biggest complain about iPhones are there battery life. With hours spent on smartphones, having a battery life that supports that is important.

The iPhone 6 plus had a battery capacity of 2915mAh while iPhone 7 plus comes close with 2,900mAh.

With a new product, there were high expectations concerning improvement in battery life. Unfortunately it got worse.

The iPhone X battery capacity of 2,675mAh is very low for a phone of it quality.

With Samsung Galaxy S9 having a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh and One plus 6 with 4,000 mAh. It was expected for the iPhone X to come better prior to it’s release.

The battery remains one major draw-back of this product. It obviously needs an upgrade in that area. A smartphone should be treated like one, only on Java phones are such capacity accepted.

There is something to cheer about though. It’s storage unit doesn’t disappoint it is as expected. With 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM, you have unlimited space to store files.


The most obvious change introduced by Apple into this device is the security and screen navigation. This flagship iPhone replaces the traditional touch screen finger-print scanner with a FaceID technology.

While it comes as a huge leap it presents some problems to users. The touch ID is seen as more comfortable and reliable in some cases,

especially after taking shower, the Face ID was reported to fail with users resulting to passcode. But you don’t have to worry much because 90% of the time it works.

Secondly, Apple replaces the traditional home bottom with new navigational gestures. You have to swipe up from bottom to close apps or to the side to switch between apps.

It works but sometimes gives a whole lot of stress. You may accidentally close the app when you want to switch.

Apple are working to release two other versions of this phone that promises to fix all potholes. Lets wait for that to happen.


One distinct feature of iPhone is their camera, there is no denying the fact that pictures taken always comes out superb.

The iPhone X retains that and also comes with a new portrait picture mode. Overall it’s 12mp front and rear camera captures stunning pictures.


The iPhone X goes for $999 which converts to over #300,000 . After it’s release in November 2017 it is flooded around many online stores like Amazon, Ebay , Aliexpress and Jumia. In Nigeria Jumia is the best place to get this.


Most reviews about this product online are quite misleading , doing well to cover the negative part and only revealing the good side.

It may be Apple’s flagship phone but isn’t perfect. It is far off a perfect score of 10.

Judging from users experience, the Face ID is not the only difficulty presented by this phone in worse cases it is reported not to work at all.

Another issue reported is that the screen fails to display when their is incoming call. Ringtones starts but the call displays after few seconds which may sometime cause you to miss the call.

Another issue also reported is the cracking of Camera lens. It seems the material used responds to intense weather conditions. This is a surprise given that the camera lens is made from Saphire glass which is harder than our normal glass.

Another drawback is in Apple’s refusal to offer Warranty, that means if any damage is noticed after buying this product, you are left to foot the bill.


The inventions on this product is awesome but still has issues which needs to be resolved.

You can get iPhone x on jumia right here

For a device of $999 it was expected to come out perfect. Will I exchange my $999 for this? Hell No! I would rather save my $300 and go for iPhone 8 which sells for $700 or Go for the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is cheaper. As we have iPhone x review, we also have other reviews below

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