Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps)

Are you using iphone or are you planing to get one? if YES i got you covered. I will show you powerful Free Apps for iPhones in this post, don’t go anywhere, your phone would thank you.

iPhones playstore is the number one place to get access to various apps. From video apps like Vue and clips to Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Just like some apps found on Google play store, those on Apple’s app store aren’t always free.

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 1

We Bring you a list of top 20 Best free apps For iPhones to keep you busy and helps you utilize your phone Better.

1. Bitmoji

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 2

If you’re a Facebook or Snapchat addict, there is a very high possibility that you’ve come across Bitmoji. In simple terms, Bitmoji is a personalized cartoon avatar.

This app allows you to create a comic image using a personalized cartoon avatar of yourself and use them in messaging applications as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even

Gmail. The app features lot of options that allows to nail your unique comic image. Free Apps for iPhones are many but this app is important.

2. Waze

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 3

Imagine having your own traffic Navigator right in your palm. With increased number of traffic’s and accident occurring on the road, nothing

pays more than to have a software that helps manage your trip by informing you about traffic, police, and hazard while en-route.

Waze is a GPS navigation app developed by google. It is particularly useful for those driving on the road. In addition to traffic related features, it does well to help manage your trip in a way to save time and cut cost. But is of the best Free Apps for iPhones.

3. Yelp

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 4

Imagine you have to pee or visit a Restaurant in a completely unfamiliar zone. Travelling to a new city isn’t easy, but it gets worse when you have to use a facility and can’t find anyone to give you direction. But Not when you have Yelp.

Instead of shouting for Help, why not turn to Yelp and get the direction to the location you seek. Yelp app serves as a quick navigation to search for

places like Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants and malls. This is compatible with many Android device as well as smartphones. It is also available for free on App store. It really a nice one of free apps for iphones

4. YouTube

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 5

With YouTube you get access to watch videos of your choice. Videos ranging from music, sport, inspiration and Educative are all up for grab. Just turn on your data and start watching unlimited videos. For as much as your data can take.

5. Google Chrome

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 6

Surf the internet with the latest version of Google Chrome available on App store. Add extensions and save browsing history for later. Pause your download and return to finish it off at later date. Is one of the best Free Apps for iPhones

6. Flashlight


The FlashTop 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 7light is one app we probably use all the time especially when in dark areas or places with no power supply. The flashlight app gives you the power to turn on the touch at anytime deemed possible.

7. Mint

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 8

The App store is a place to get many power app for your iPhone. Pictures and video apps are the most popular among users. But it gets better than that.

With a free online personal finance app such as mint, you get a good mix of financial management tools to keep your earnings in check.

8. Snapchat

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 9

Unless you’re living somewhere outside Earth, then Snapchat needs no introduction.

It may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, but there is no need denying the fact that it’s becoming a favourite among users. It’s filters added to get captivating image makes it a favourite among selfie addicts and Slay Gang.

Apart from unique camera feature, it offers a whole lot more. You can communicate with friends and also stream live videos.

9.  LinkedIn

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 10

It is okay to admit not knowing about this. I personally found this out not too long. It serves as an arena for people to meet. It is a social media platform but unlike what we know social media for, it is created specially for business.

This platform allows employees and job seekers to meet. The aim of this social network is to create an environment for members to meet and develop a real world professional relationship. It is particularly helpful for job seekers, as you can land a job posting your CV.

10. Spotify

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 11

Spotify is a digital music streaming app that allows access to millions of songs, audios, and podcast from artiste across the globe. This app offers both free and paid versions.

It free version still offers appealing features. By signing in using Facebook you find it easier to share songs with friends. The Spotify app has different versions for Android, iPhones and PC.

11. Facebook

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 12

This is the most popular Social media platform in the world. It is suggested that more than half of the world’s population uses Facebook.

One feature that maps it out from the rest is how it connects people together. Long lost friends can reconnect through Facebook.

Over the years, new improved features have been introduced. Apart from communication, it serves as a business hub for most people who like to promote their business to large audience.

12. Instagram

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 13

Perhaps the reason why Facebook is still in the picture, is it power of connecting people in an efficient manner. Instagram influence in the world of social media is spreading like wild fire. It is known as “the celebrity hub”.

One advantage of this platform is that it allows you to follow activities of people and also been followed. This platform allows you to have an insight about what popular people are doing. With Instagram, you can also promote your business to people you’re following.

13. Evernote

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 14

Evernote is compatible with many devices ranging from Android and PC to iPhones. This powerful tool helps you organise your documents, memos, PDA, and To-do list. Evernote goes far beyond than a notebook. It does quite more than just storing notes.

With Evernote, you can store scanned documents, picture of a menu, and typed documents for future reference. It can serve as your external brain for storing any information.

14. Prisma

Prisma is a photo editing free app that transforms photos into real-art painting. With Prisma you’re just minutes from getting a perfect art work. With this, you don’t have to be a professional to paint like one.
Even the great Leonardo de Vinci will marvel at your paintings.

15. iTunes Store

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 15

ITunes is an online based media store developed by Apple. It is a multimedia app that allows you to add music, videos, and TV shows.

It serves as a channel for users to download multimedia files directly into smartphone storage. Free Apps for iPhones are many but iTunes store is powerful, every iPhones users should have it.

16. Temple Run

Top 16 Free Apps for iPhones (Must have apps) 16

Temple Run is a great game to keep you refreshed at a point when you need to turn away from all activities.This game gets you engaged by getting into character to escape all obstacles to a never-ending destination.

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The more you play, the more exciting it gets. You may spend more time than you bargained for playing this game. With no data on your phone to surf the internet, you can simply turn to Temple run to make a better use of your battery. It really one of a nice Top 16 Free Apps for iPhonnes.

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