IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Everything you need to know about this latest smartphone from apple technology. Dubbed as the “chosen one “, vast majority of people present at its launching along with iPhone Xs and Xs max will tell you to save some bucks and wait for iPhone XR to hit the market.

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018 1

This is because the other trio launched with it comes in premium price. Worse still, is there complete resemblance to iPhone X. Expected as an upgrade but turned out to be ‘iPhone X twinny’.

It explains why everyone is fully anticipating the release of iPhone XR which is dropping this October. For those who already have the iPhone X, spending another $999 to buy either iPhone XS or iPhone XS max is no brainer.

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If you are so eager for an upgrade, I will recommend you go for the cheaper iPhone XR. It sells at the price the iPhone 8 was sold and here is the iPhone xr review for you to make decision.

With virtually all eyes on the product, let’s take a look at what it’s going to offer. Is it worth the wait?

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Is it worth the wait?

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018 2


The iPhone XR is supposed to be the undercover of the three, but turned out to be ‘most applauded ‘.

For it price, it exceeded every bodies expectation. Stealing the headlines from iPhone XS and XS max.

All the attention this phone has grabbed is largely because of its price, in truth it offers nothing exceptional. But if you consider the amount you are paying, you might see it as a bargain.

Taking a critical look at the body design, the iPhone XR looks a lot chunkier than the rest.

The bezels around the screen are thicker compared to the one found in iPhone XS. Its size is a bit huge, standing at 6.1inches, you might perceive this phone to be ugly.

That is not the case, because it’s all -glass rear add a touch of class, while it’s all -screen design makes it sleeker.

The rest of iPhone XS outlook is similar to iPhone X. It can be mistaken for the iPhone X if you do not look closely.

The aluminum case the iPhone XR comes in represent a step down to the steel case in the other production.

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018 3


I do not see the three launched product as a giant leap from the iPhone X, the iPhone XS and XS max screen display got a make -over from apple, but same can’t be said about the iPhone XR.

The HDR introduced in the other two products are absent here. The HDR adds more quality to the screen display.

I guess Apple omitted this from iPhone XR because is a low cost phone. If you were comfortable with the screen on iPhone X, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Another issue with the iPhone XR is the LCD Display, in contrast to OLED displays of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max, the LCD used here is similar to that seen in iPhone 8.

On a second thought, maybe Apple should have name this product iPhone 8R’, because they are quite similar.

Only that the LCD Display on iPhone XR is more colorful than that of iPhone 8. Its pixel contributes to bring something not far from a Retina Display.


IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018 4

The newly launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS max brought something completely new to the table. The quality of the build material comes with IP68 water resistance.

The two phones can last for 30minute in a depth of 3m. Unfortunately the iPhone XR did not follow the same trend. It comes with IP67, same found in iPhone X.

This is largely because of the aluminum case use in the products. Just like iPhone X, it can only manage 30minute in a depth of 1m so, don’t mess around in the pool.

Iphone xr review: CAMERA:

IPHONE XR REVIEW: Apple latest New phone in 2018 5

The camera on iPhone XR is the weakest of the three iPhones launched. It only got a single sensor for portrait mode in contrast to others that got two.

This doesn’t mean the iPhone XR camera isn’t good but it just doesn’t measure up to the other two.

The absence of the second lens, means you won’t be able to zoom in when taking pictures.


It is typical for iPhones not to come with external card slot. You don’t have to worry about that, when your phone has monstrous storage capacity.

The iPhone XR will be available in three options namely: 64 GB, 123 GB and 250 GB configuration with a choice to choose between a wide ranges of color options.

Ranging from black, white, blue, coral, red and yellow. Unless you are a chronic gamer or one of those that have the habit of transforming their phone into a movie galore the 64gb option should be okay for you.

But if you fall among one of the categories of people listed above, you should consider getting a premium version of 256gb.But you are sure to spend a little extra.

Both iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max comes with a better RAM capacity of 4gb,the iPhone XR was however not included in the party. It still comes with 3GB RAM, just as seen in iPhone X.


Going by the battery capacity of the newly launched product, only iPhone XS max has a higher battery number than iPhone XR.

IPhone XR battery capacity is rated 2,942mah compared to the expensive XS which manage 2,658mah.

Going by this statistic, iPhone XR battery life should last longer than iPhone XS. This isn’t bad, gives that the iPhone XS is more expensive.

If you look at the size of the three, it is actually expected, given the size of iPhone XR.

According to apple, the iPhone XR battery life has 24hour talk time, 15 hours of internet use and 16hours of video playback.

Like other versions iPhone XR Is fast charging compatible, but it doesn’t come out of the box. You have to cough a few dollars to get a power delivery box for this.


The introduction of A12 bionic chip increases the speed of processing on this device. Its sensors have also been enhanced to be 2x more responsive than iPhone X.

The iPhone XR like other new version uses the FACE ID in full effect. It seems touch ID is now nothing but a myth with iPhones.

IPhone XR comes with a dual SIM slot, but ironically, it still supports just one physical SIM. The other is an E-sim introduced by Apple. There is still little details pertaining how it works.


The iPhone XR will be released on 26th of October 2018, while Pre-order begins on 19th of October. The official price of the iPhone XR is $749.

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