Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven’t had about

Twitter marketing is one of the most converting social media marketing this days. But most marketers aren’t doing it right.

I had a lot of marketers complaining how their Twitter marketing efforts are in vain.

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 1

If you’re one of those, good news for you because right here I will reveal to you what you are doing wrong and what you will do to excel in your Twitter marketing.

This tips and tricks, am about to share with you here, is what I’m using. If it work for me, it can work for you.

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Note: This tips only work for any business owners, marketers and who really wants to grow their business with Twitter. If you’re one of them, then let’s grow together.

Are your ready to grow your business?, For me I’m fully ready. I hope you too, if YES them let’s begin.

Why Twitter marketing is difference from other social media platforms

Twitter marketing is quiet difference from others social media platform because most people on Twitter are just scrolling the news feed up and down.

If they found any tweet they like, they engage, and the bitter truth is that, every two minutes, up 2millions tweet pop in the news feed.

You know what happen? Hell no right, out of the millions tweet only few thousands of the tweet users would engage with.

Do you want users to engage with your tweet?, If YES then read on, the hidden secret is here.

3 things you need to avoid why do Twitter marketing

1. Manuplating to gain followers: I know mostly people fell victim of this, including me too. My former Twitter account, I signed up for FOLLOWERS HELP website,

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 3

before knew my followers raised from 74 to 100,000+ but the bad news was that if i tweet no like, no retweet, no comments and no visitors to my website.

So, I abandon the account and start a flesh last month. The good news about this new account is that, when I tweeted, at least 10-50% of my followers must visit my website. Even tho as I have few followers.

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 4

(Follow us here or my official account here)

Avoid manipulating to gain followers it won’t help your business. Now that I gained my followers organically, it bring new visitors to my website than my others social media platform I’m using.

Anybody that following you on his/her own is interested in your business.

2. Tweet at wrong time: we would still going to discuss this later in this Post. If you tweet randomly without having particular time to tweet then you have to avoid it.

3. Unretweet previous tweet: if you tweeted an importance tweet. Why not keep on retweeting it once in a week.

By doing that, those that haven’t see it at the first tweet may see it.

So it is a good idea to retweet your previous post.

Let us move to the real reason why we are here, I hope you are ready? Because I am ready to share.

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 5Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 6

Top 10 tweeter marketing strategies.

Note: before we get started, I love to remind you that this strategies only work for people who can take action.

1. Gain followers: numbers one thing to do is to acquire real followers. What I mean by real followers is organics followers

People that followed you on their own because they are interested in your business.

Don’t join company to acquire you followers, those people may not have interest in it.

Without real followers, you can’t market anything. If you want to make sales derive visitors to your website or promoting a brand, you need real followers.s

How can I get real followers?.

To gain a huge real followers is the most complex step in tweeter marketing. But if you are serious about it, with time you will get a lots of followers.

Here are some tips to gain followers:

1. Tweet regularly

2. Follow others in your niche

3. Follow top influencers

4. Ask people to follow you

5. Retweeting an influencers post

You know exactly what it takes to acquire a reasonable amount of followers to marketing to. What next now, is to get started. Which lead us to next tips.

2. Write proper profile descriptions: This is one of the most mistake many marketers did. Your profile descriptions speak a lot about you and your business.

Appealing profile is very essential, this is the first marketing you marketed. You know why?, If you don’t. Not to worry, I would tell you the exact reasons.

• Reason 1: Before many people follow you, they view your profile to know more about you or your brand. I did this a lot and I’m sure, am not the only one doing it.

• Reason 2: In case any one search a related keywords or keywords in your industry, it would help Twitter analytics to lines your tweet or profile in the results listening.

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How to properly optimize your profile for the purpose of Twitter marketing.

• Use the name of your business

• Add the necessary keywords to your profile descriptions and show case what your business is all about.

• Add ” we follow back 💯 to your profile” if you are just starting out. I did a quick search about this and I discovered that apart from celebrities, those that have I/we follow back has a lot of followers than those without.

After the research, I add it to my profile and it work amazing.

• Add links to your business and if you’re offline business, add your store accurate address to help your prospective buyer find or locate you.

If your profile is well optimize, it has a lot of benefits. If you implement those tips about then your profile is optimize.

3. Use images: Twitter only support 140 characters, to describe your products and services in your tweeting. So it high time to implement the power and attractions of images.

In that 140 characters, it include coma, back space etc so automatically it wouldn’t enough for proper products descriptions right?.

Don’t worry, images got you covered. There’s a word saying, “one image is worthy one thousand words”, the statement is absolutely true.

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 5Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 6

Why you need images in your Twitter marketing?

• It draw attention of people to your tweet

•It make your tweet stand out

• It increase tweet interactions and engagement

• It turn your tweet to evergreen if the image is informative and many more benefits.

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This is the most most mistake many marketers did, try to incorporate images to your Twitter marketing strategies.

It really work well. You can use site like canva to design your marketing images. Check out this tweet below 👇👇

twitter marketing

4. Use videos: This almost similar with image but it’s still more effective than image. There’s 70% to skip text tweet, 25% to skip image tweet without viewing it and 5% goes to videos.

Video always draw attention to itself. You can see the difference below 👇👇

twitter marketing

A time it depends on the contents of the tweet but multimedia always work well.

So it’s ideally to incorporate multimedia to your Twitter marketing plan or strategies.

5. Use Hashtag (#): Hashtags is a king in Twitter marketing, but some marketers forgot it potential.

if you want to reach millions people on Twitter with a single tweet for free then you need to adopt hashtag (#). By the way, what is hashtag (#)?,

It simply means pointing to a particular location or group of people. It’s very effective and relevant in marketing on platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, not only Twitter.

6. Use @(mention): This is the big mistake I did when I just get started. But not my fault anyway, nobody told the power of “mention” in Twitter.

As far as we’re enfarsize on the tips to make best out of Twitter marketing. @(mention) can’t be ignore. Your aim is to make best out of Twitter marketing right?

If YES, you can’t afford not to use @ in your tweeting. You how you feel when someone mentioned your name in public, I hope you must turn back to find out tho is that person right?,

By using it your tweet, you you’re telling that person that you have something special for that individual and you know what it means to get your message into an infulencers inbox.

If want someone not to miss your tweeting then use @thatpersonv eg. @admin_computer. Don’t forget to follow us.

@admin_computer or follow me on my official account @ochocheijeleche.

7. Send direct message: I don’t have to said to anything much about this. You know the merit of direct message.

It’s 95% guaranty your message would be read. You can use free tool like to help you get started. If you can’t do it manually.

This is a surest way to make sales or get your products and services discover by people. Look at this message below 👇 👇

twitter marketing

8. Consider your tweeting time: You need a particular time to tweet, you know what I mean by that.

It’s very necessary to find out exactly time most of your followers are online. The reason is if you want your tweeting to going viral or perform well in the news feed.

9. Retweet your old tweets: This is important to do, if not your old tweeted would be buried and no one would easily find them anymore.

But by retweeting them at least once in a month, people that miss at first time would get an opportunity to see it.

• Retweet your old tweets

• Retweet other to influencers tweet, that may convince them to follow you and retweet your tweet. If an influencer retweet your tweet, it would be a gain changer for you.

10. Engage with your followers: Only selfish marketers that focus on their marketing without dedicating sometimes to have fun with his/her followers.

Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 9Top 10 Twitter marketing tips you haven't had about 10

When tweet summer, weekend, and occasional greeting, your followers would see you as real person. Eg happy birthday, happy weekend, happy Sunday etc.

A time you have to tweet latest news in other to gain more followers. And don’t forget to retweet their tweet also.

All of this tips work charmy, if you implement them effectively. Especially the use of images, #, videos and @(mention).

Try all of them, I bet you, your Twitter marketing would be on the roof. Don’t go yet, I have some few questions for you.

  1. Which of this tips you’re missing in your Twitter marketing?
  2. Do you agree with this tips?, if yes why?
  3. What is your most Twitter marketing strategies?
  4. And how do you rate this article?

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