IPHONE XS REVIEW: Price, Specs And What to expect

Apple promised to release three other versions of iPhone X earlier this year. We don’t have to wait any longer, as the pre-order for the so called ‘upgraded iPhone x has already kick off in some countries and here is iPhone xs review for you.

IPHONE XS REVIEW: Price, Specs And What to expect 1

Hands on as we introduce the three latest iPhones:
-IPhone Xs max
iPhone XR
-IPhone XS

The first two iPhones will be officially released by October. Only the iPhone xs is expected to hit d market by September 21st.

As we wait for this to happen, let’s take a look at what this product promises, is it an upgrade the original iPhone X or just crap.

Before we continue, the emergence of iPhone Xs and other two versions means that the production of iPhone X has been discontinued and will be replaced by the new trio.



This iPhone xs review contain everything pertaining the device. Let’s first take a critical look at iPhone Xs body build. With new device comes new improvement.

Though Apple claims the iPhone Xs represent an upgrade to the iPhone X, the body design is where they fail to innovate.

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IPhone Xs and iPhone X body design are very similar, it is hard to spot their difference with the naked eye. Sometimes it may be confused for the iPhone X except for it weight (which is not obvious).

Diving into the technical aspect of the body build is where the difference lies The build quality is top notch and an upgrade over the iPhone X.

A new increased IP68 water and dust resistance, takes it on par with Samsung Galaxy S9 (iPhone X closest rival) and even beats it.

While Galaxy S9 manages 30minute in a depth of 1.5m, the iPhone Xs does that for 3m at the same time interval. The previous iPhone X can only manage 1m with an IP67.


Apple introduced OLED display into the iPhone X, Making it the first iPhone to use this feature.

The iPhone Xs comes in similar display but with a lot of improvement. Mere looking at the product, it isn’t noticeable.

Backed up with HDR10 support, you get to see more improvement in quality of videos and pictures.

Secondly, the screen on the iPhone Xs is said to be 2× more responsive than the previous version.

With the introduction to 120HZ touch sensitivity, this phone has something close to the sharpness of a razor.

Comparing the screen of all iPhones released this month, the iPhone Xs retains the same screen display as iPhone X, this iPhone has a 5.8inch display and the same Retina LCD Display featured on iPhone X.



Another intriguing feature and most obvious change this iPhone has is the stereo.

The iPhone Xs features external speaker which is odd for a smartphone. But Apple really work hard to make this stand-out by balancing the sound on both sides.

Given the satisfaction it will give when listening to music, complains will be minimal. As long as its enjoyable who cares if it is an external stereo.

The iphone XR has two versions, aside that of 5.8 inches, it also has bigger version of 6.5 inches screen (similar to iPhone xs max).


Battery life has been the bone of contention for most smartphones. The iPhone X camera was quite Okay, but 2716mah still remains short of a standard battery life.

The iPhone Xs is claimed to have battery life better than iPhone X with 90minute, that figure is over-whelming. But gathering from people who have

tested this product, it is confirmed that its battery life is better than that of iPhone X but isn’t 90minute better. Some claimed it offers additional 30minute to iPhone X but there is a twist to this.

The iPhone Xs comes with a power pack which contains A12 bionic chip which adds extra life to the phones battery.

More encouraging is the built-in fast charging circuit introduced to this iPhone. this allows you power your iPhone from 0 to 50 percent within the space of 30minutes.

Unfortunately, it do not comes with the device. You will have to spend extra to get a compatible power delivery pack to get this, adding to the expenses of $999 incurred from buying the product

IPHONE XS REVIEW: Price, Specs And What to expect 2


The iPhone Xs has a similar but updated dual camera version found on it predecessor.

IPHONE XS REVIEW: Price, Specs And What to expect 3

IN truth, both device looks similar in terms of camera. They both utilize a 12mp sensor rear camera, but the iPhone Xs comes with a twist.

Even though the aperture is still f/1.8 and f/2.4 for wide angle and long distance shot respectively.

The pixels depth has also witnessed tremendous improvement to allow better auto focus. The introduction of HDR also makes image sharper.


Like all iPhones, the iPhone Xs doesn’t come with an external card slot but the storage capacity has been enhanced.

Depending on what you will be using the device for, it has three storage version. 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The cheapest is the 64 GB version.

It stands at $999, you will have to pay more to have the full version of 512 GB
Unless you’re shooting 40k 60 fps videos, the 64 GB version should be okay to store your files.

Nothing is known about the iPhone XR yet, so far iPhone xs and iPhone xs max packs 4 GB ram. An upgrade over iPhone X of 3 GB.


The iPhone Xs isn’t available in Nigeria yet, pre order has started in some countries.

This product is officially hitting the market on Friday, 21st September 2018.
Fortunately, it’s sold at the same price with iPhone X $999.

The price exceeds that amount if you want the fast charging pack and one of 512 GB storage. To fully explore It features, you will be spending over $1400.


Our verditcts in this iPhone xs review. Honestly, the iPhone xs resembles the iPhone X in all aspect. Most upgrade claimed to have gotten into the product aren’t noticeable. It isn’t enough to fuck out another $999.

If you already have an iPhone X, it is advisable to stick with that. If you still want an upgrade wait for the iPhone XR. It sells for less and contains more upgrades.

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IPHONE X REVIEW: Price, Features and Complains

Would you wait for the iPhone XR that sells for $759 or risk $999 for something similar to what you already have?

The choice is yours. How do you rate this iphone xs review?, Is it contain what you want to see in iphone xs review?

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