Iphone xs max review, price and specifications

Iphone xs max review and everything you need to know about the latest apple smartphone in 2018.

All eyes were on Apple as they were set to launch another set of new products into the market.

Steve jobs Theatre was the Venue. Cameras rolling, everyone waiting. With few minutes to spare, we finally got to see the products.

iphone xs max review

Hands-On as the iPhone X successors were introduced: iPhone Xs, IPhone Xs max and IPhone XR.

Prior to the launching, so many people were expecting an upgrade to the iPhone X launched last year.

Even though the phone performed well, there was still room for improvements. Unfortunately, Apple failed to do that.

The new products set to be released didn’t just adopt the ‘iPhone X’ in its title but also looked Similar. The iPhone XS and IPhone XS max can be referred to as ‘iPhone X Twinny’.

With one of these products set to hit the market this Friday (IPhone Xs). Lets take a look at The IPhone XS max which will be officially hitting the market come October.

You will have to wait a little longer for the third version iPhone XR which happens to be the cheapest of the Trio.
For Now Lets Shift Our focus back to iPhone Xs max review……..

Iphone xs max review


The iPhone Xs max was obviously named this way because of its size. It is a huge phone with 6.5 inches display, the biggest ever recorded on an iPhone.

Its build replicates that of iPhone X. On first sight you will mistake this product to be iPhone X, Giving the fact that they revolve around the same Narrow Bezels design.

Only the screen ratio was changed to give complete all screen at the front and a not so large body.

On a second thought, you may take a second look and say: wait a minute, the iPhone X isn’t this large. Yeah that’s true.

Fortunately, Apple found a way to balance the height with the weight. The Narrow bezels doesn’t make it seem like it is 6.5 inch. Its design is quite sleek and comfortable.

Secondly, the core of iPhone Xs max is made from stainless steel while the front and back replicates the same all-glass design found in iPhone X.

But this time it is tougher. That is good. With this you can throw your phone down the cliff without smashing it.

The good aspect about the build quality of the iPhone Xs max is that the water proofing effect has been enhanced. From IP67 seen in iPhone X, now to IP68. This is an upgrade.

iphone xs max review

Now you can drop your phone in a depth of 3 meters for 30 minutes without ruining it. No need to panic when your phone accidentally drops in the pool.

You can go for a walk and come back In the next 30 minute while your phone takes a cool bath.


iphone xs max review

With a gigantic piece comes a better OLED display. If you’re a movie lover, this piece is your take home theater.

For game Lovers, the screen looks as realistic as possible. You can also use it to split view within two apps.

This implies that you can watch videos and view pictures at the same time. The Retina Display make it screen more vibrant.


For its mammoth size, a better battery life is needed. That’s exactly what Apple did. There was always lingering concerns over the battery life of iPhones.

The iPhone X failed to address that while the iPhone Xs paid little attention to that.
The iPhone X battery came out good initially but after using it for a while, it starts dropping.

It is too early to conclude now but it still remains to be seen if this new product will be better or worse.

So far, the iPhone Xs offers 30 minute longer battery life than iPhone X. While the iPhone Xs max offers ×3 of what iPhone XS bests iPhone X with.

This Implies that iPhone X max offers, additional one hour 30 minute battery life than iPhone X.

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This is good given the number of activities that will be carried out on this phone. Apple probably perceived that it will be very appealing for watching movies.

Another new feature users are going to love is the fast charging. This feature was seen on Samsung Galaxy S9.

Fortunately, the two new iPhones comes with this effect. But the only drawback is that you have to spend extra for it because it doesn’t come in the box.

Having spent $1099 to buy this product, getting a power delivery pack only adds to the expenses.


iphone xs max review

There is nothing new about the camera found on iPhone X to this one. It still retains the old 22MP dual rear camera and 7MP front camera set up.

Only wider apertures. This allows better shot in low light. Apple said they upgraded the sensors by 30%.

The extra telephoto lens allows you to zoom images by 2× the original size. Photos taken by long distance also appeared great.

Using portrait mode, you can choose to blur the background and draw focus to your image.

iphone xs max review


We also covered this in this iphone xs max review. If all you do in a phone is watch videos, text, chat, and take photos, the 64 GB version of this phone is for you.

But if you do a whole lot than that, you should consider the premium version. For game lovers and those who stream 4k videos as well as install lots of app, my best pick for you will be 512GB.

With this, you’re afforded lots of space to store your files. But comes with extra cost. If you want the version with Full storage capacity,

you will be spending a little overboard for a smartphone. Unless your budget is really high, $1,500 is a lot to part with. That is the price the premium version goes for.

There is also additional cloud storage space. You can access additional 5GB cloud storage for free but if you want more than that, you also have to fork out some dollars. Making the whole device expensive.

Talking about the processor, the introduction of A12 Bionic chip into this device makes it super-fast, blowing android phones away.

OTHER FEATURES: (Iphone xs max review)

Iphone xs max review and everything you need to know about the latest apple smartphone in 2018.

All eyes were on Apple as they were set to launch another set of new products into the market

Iphone xs max review and everything you need to know about the latest apple smartphone in 2018.

All eyes were on Apple as they were set to launch another set of new products into the market

The iPhone Xs max allows dual sim, but you have the chance to use just one physical sim card. The other is an E-sim. It is still not clear how the E-sim works.

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Secondly, like the iPhone X, this device doesn’t come with an external memory slot, and neither does it have a touch screen scanner. Once again, the Face ID is preferred. Apple promises that it is a better version.

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Our verdict

If you already have an iPhone X, you don’t need to upgrade to any of this. But if you’re using old iPhones you may want to give it a try.

But if you want my advice, here it is: wait for IPhone XR, it is dropping next month and also cheaper.

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