Semrush Review: How to rank high on Search engine

Semrush dramatically become the most effective SEO tools in the world and it highly recommend for any online business owners to have, but before getting this seo software, here is semrush review for you to know more about this software.

Getting your page to rank high on search engine like Google is an Herculean task for any website owner. Worse still is maintaining that position when you finally get there.

semrush review

With Google Algorithm changing every year, you may find yourself scrambling to maintain the number one spot.

The number one result today may find itself down the pecking order. The 15th page may even be hard for you to get.

Which is why a powerful tool is needed to keep with the pace of changes. Something that will help keep your ranking rooted even when Google decides to ring changes.

Most Sites owners have taken solace in SEO tools to tighten their grip on the #1 spot for a long time.

A tool that has stood tall among all and have proven to be the saving grace for most Website owner is Semrush and today we present you semrush review.

Semrush Review: Do you really want to rank?

What is Semrush?

If you’ve been around for sometime, you might have probably heard of SEMrush. If you’re a blogger, webmaster, content writer or digital marketer, this is the most powerful SEO and SEM tool for your site.

SEMrush is a complete online-based software programmed to lend a helping hand in planning and executing your effort in terms of SEO, SEM as well as social media and video advertising research.

As a content writer, you will agree with me that writing has gone beyond crafting nice stories that will grab your readers attention . As interesting as your write-up maybe, if it doesn’t get to the reader it becomes useless.

SEMrush works by getting your content in front of your audience through SEO and also gives you an insight about topics to write on base on topics most searched result on search engines like Google and Bing.

Who semrush is for or who this semrush review is for:

Before we go further on how SEMrush works, Lets take a look at the category of people SEMrush is for:

▶ Bloggers
▶ Content Writers
▶ Entrepreneurs who work with SEO
▶Digital marketers
▶ business consultancy companies
▶ Social media marketers

SEMrush Features and Indepth Analysis

SEMrush features are broadly divided into Three
◼ Tools
◼ Analytical Report
◼ Project


This is the heart of SEMrush and the site where the main SEO Takes place. It provides a search bar where you can input your domain name or Url to get started. This provides you with tools for keyword analytics.

In the world of content marketing, you will agree that keyword is king. No matter how beautifully crafted a site is, if you aren’t getting visitors,

your site is doomed to fail. Keyword helps you narrow your search to your targeted audience.

Are you worried about the right keyword for your site?

semrush review

SEMrush has over 100 million keywords registered in it database to choose from. This software also gives you an insight about what people are currently

searching on, what’s trending in search engines as well as the right keyword that will generate traffic to your site.

In addition, it provides you an insight about what keywords brings the larger chunk of traffic and which doesn’t.

With this software you have an edge over competitors, it gives you an eagle eye to over see what your competitors are doing,which keywords they are using. This allows you to learn from their strategies and also implement it in yours.

Sometimes, our keywords may seem too long to generate the right traffic, instead it hinders it.

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SEMrush prevents this from happening by walking you through the process of coining highly effective keywords.

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If you aren’t good in the area of content creation, SEMrush will grab you by the hand and guide you through making an SEO content like a Pro.


By giving suggestions on the write headlines, keywords, word count and page content that meets search engine standard


This is where you get the edge over competition. In all walks of business, we are faced with competitors, but what happens when you can calculate your opponents next move like in a game of chess.

It simply means one thing: you have an edge over competitors, dethrone them and take the number one spot.

SEMrush literally gives you that control over competition by placing them right under your palm.

It helps you carry out research by acting as a spy to oversee what your competitors are doing interms of Keywords, Backlinks, inpaid search, organic search and link building.

In this respect, it allows you to plan well base on data gathered.and implore strategies to get ahead of competition.

In terms of backlinks: they can make or mare your site. The right backlinks drives external traffic to your site which increases conversion rate and gives your site credibility.

Bad backlinks can destroy all work you laboured to put in place in seconds. SEMrush lends you an helping hand also.

It helps you select and build credible backlinks that helps your site ranking.


How do you know you are doing the right thing? Or this software is truly working?

In this menu, you find out how well your site is doing. Keyword ranking, as well as on page and off page health.

This allows you to keep track of your site site growth and overview of what others are doing.

Sometimes, this statistics may not be 100% correct . Even with the features this software offers it isn’t perfect.


▶Backlink Analysis and Audit
▶Backlink research
▶Keeps track of website traffic
▶Keyword and headlines research
▶Keeps you ahead of competitors
▶Domain comparism
▶ Host free Webinar to educate users on how to effectively use the software.


▶Better suited for content creators and not for Business owners
▶No Social Engagement


Price of SEMRUSH

The pros of SEMRUSH exceeds the cons which makes it the best SEO and SEM tool. If you want a cheaper option: MoZ is worth trying out.


This software is sold at $99.95 with 30 days free trial. There is a free video course that takes you around the site and teaches you how to make use of every feature before buying.

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How do you rate our semrush review? is it satisfy you? leave your comment below. And don’t forget to help us share this semrush review.


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