Ccleaner Review And How To Download it Step By Steps

Hey there, do you want to download CCleaner?, If YES don’t do that yet, you need to read this CCleaner review before doing that.

This CCleaner review cover everything you need to know about CCleaner.

I also covered how you can download CCleaner step by steps. Whether you want to download for PC, Android and mac. I got your covered.

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CCleaner review: Is it worthy downloading?

What is CCleaner?

Before we start the full CCleaner review, let’s know what the tool is at the first place.

CCleaner is a system tools that erase un-relevant or unnecessary files, fixes and optimize your softwares to speed up your device, and prevent you from hackers ( hide your privacy ).

It’s the most popular computer cleaning tools in the world.

Versions of CCleaner

CCleaner has three versions, the versions are:

1. Free version: which come with standard privacy protection and system cleaning.

2. CCleaner professional version: this version come with a mouth watering features, such as standard cleaning, standard privacy protection,

Complete cleaning, keep your browsers history private, dectates and remove internet trackers, keep you from running out of space, instant products update and priority customers support.

3. CCleaner professional pro version: This combined all the features of the free version and professional version and with more additional advance features like hard drive defragglerment, files recovery and ability to see inside your PC.

CCleaner review: CCleaner free version reviews

CCleaner free version free up space, erase your unnecessary browsers history and also erase unrelevant files to help you run your PC effectively.

CCleaner free version features

✈ Standard privacy protection

✈ Cleaner: It allow you to analys your PC and run proper cleaning. Take a look at screenshot below

✈ Registry cleaner: this feature allow you to scan your PC for issue and after discovered the issues, it help to fix the issues at the same time. Check the screenshot below.

ccleaner review

✈ Tools: tools allow you to find duplicated files, system restore, uninstall of unused softwares and many more to do.

ccleaner review





✈ The last feature is the upgrade buttons.

There’re a lot to do with this CCleaner free version. It depends on how you use it.

CCleaner review: CCleaner professional review

CCleaner professional is most popular version of CCleaner and almost professional are using it or it fiercing river (webroot).

Check the full details of the professional version here.

CCleaner free, CCleaner professional and CCleaner professional pro comparisons and prices

Ccleaner freeCcleaner ProfessionalCcleaner Professional plus
Faster computerYesYesYes
Disables & uninstall appsYesYesYes
Complete cleaningNoYesYes
Automatic browser history removalNoYesYes
Automatic online tracker deletionNoYesYes
Automatically frees up spaceNoYesYes
Instant product updatesNoYesYes
Priority customer supportNoYesYes
Get back deleted files
Speed up old hard drives
See what’s inside your PC

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How to download CCleaner for Android device

CCleaner has an Android and mac versions respectively. If you want to install it on your smartphone, head over to google playstore to install it.

That’s for Android users. Anyway no need to close this webpage to download it,

all your need to do is to click the download button to install it on your phone right now.

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Why you need CCleaner on your device ( CCleaner review )

This are the following reasons you should have This effective tools on your device.

✈ It speed up your system

✈ It hide your browsers history from system trackers

✈ It help you to recover deleted files and documents.

✈ It prevents your device from viruses and many more reasons.

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CCleaner pros and cons


CCleaner is one of the most popular PC tools in the world. It work well with every devices.

CCleaner help your system to remain healthy, fresh, protected and faster. Among all your online activities are secured.


Ccleaner professional plus is said to be hacked by hackers and they distributed malware to the users. The developers are currently working on it massively. Apart of that there is no other cons from this great tools


With the rising of hackers, web trackers and unsecured internet, you need a software/app to protect yourself from fall into the traps of the problematic listed above.

I’m currently using CCleaner professional and I’m very happy to purchased the tools.

I’m very sure you would be enamors with CCleaner that’s I brought you this CCleaner review.

Before you go, please take a few minutes to rate this CCleaner review and leave your thoughts below. For more computer maintenance click here and how to fix common technologies issue read this article

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