Track the Lost, Stolen and Thefted Laptop with Windows Spy Software

Windows Spy Software

Track the Lost, Stolen and Thefted Laptop with Windows Spy Software

TheOneSpy Windows spy software is one of the most reliable and efficient software that is designed to track Windows desktop and laptop computers.

The software is particularly intended for families and businesses to protect their devices from unauthorized use.

The employers can track the company-owned laptops and desktop computers to protect the data stored on these devices.

Similarly, parents can monitor the laptop devices of their children to supervise the activities performed on these devices and protect these devices from getting stolen or lost.

This article discusses how you can track your lost or stolen computer by using the Windows spy software.

Windows Spy Software

The Windows tracking software of TheOneSpy is intended for parents and employers to supervise the use of desktop and laptop computers.

Once you install the software on the targeted device, you can know what activities are being performed on it.

The spy software gets access to the data stored on the monitored device and uploads to the online spy app portal.

The end-user of the spy software can log into that portal from their computer devices and get access to the data uploaded.

How to Track Stolen Device with Windows Spy Software

Windows Spy Software

The windows monitoring software also lets you monitor your lost and stolen laptop devices.

You can know what activities are being performed on your device and even record screen of the lost device to find out what actions the thief performs on your device. Also, you can manage your data stored on the lost device.

Track Activities Performed on Lost Device

No matter whether you possess your computer device or not, the computer tracking software lets you supervise all actions performed on that device.

If you have lost your computer device somewhere in your school or work area and someone has picked it, you can trace the finder by tracking activities performed on the device.

By logging into the online control panel of the spy software, you can know what programs have been opened on the monitored device after you lost it.   

Get the Screen Captured

The windows surveillance software lets you monitor screen of the lost laptop. You can see what appears on the computer screen by sending command to the monitored device.

Yes, you can still send commands to the lost computer device and force it to execute certain actions without letting the robber know.

You can send command to the monitored device to capture screenshots with a certain interval. The spy software lets you capture whatever appears on the targeted device screen.

You can see what the thief has been watching, seeing or typing on the computer. You can also track social media accounts operated on the lost device with the help of screenshots.

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If the thief opens his Facebook account on your laptop, your remotely and secretly taken screenshots can record his email address and Facebook profile.

It will help you know how is the thief and from where he is. The screenshots get automatically uploaded to the online control panel of the spy software from where you can watch and download them.

Windows Spy Software    

Manage Data Stored on Lost Device

The windows spy software lets you monitor and manage data stored on lost laptop device.

By logging into the online control panel of spy software, you can get access to the online backup of the data stored on the monitored device.

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It lets you retrieve your important data and you can also get it deleted from the lost device.  

Track & Manage Internet Activities

The computer spy software lets you track internet activities performed on the lost computer device. You can also manage these activities by blocking access to certain websites.

You can control which websites you want to open on the monitored computer and what not.

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For example, if you do not want the thief to open websites bookmarked by you, you can block that website by putting the URL of that site to the online control panel of surveillance software for Windows computer.

You can also block websites by putting keywords or key phrases. It will block all websites containing those words or phrases.

The windows spy software lets you monitor every action performed on the lost, stolen or thefted computer device.


You can use the software for many other purposes. To know more about the software, visit the website of TheOneSpy.

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