8 Common technology issue and their solutions(Ultimate guild)

Here are 8 Common technology issue Everyone who use technology products like electronics gadgets, For instance: computer, printer, phone, smartphone, and many other more must face one technology issue. And mostly of the problems are something you can fix by yourself successfully without consulting any expert. If you are always don’t know what to do

Top 10 Best Digital Cameras In 2018

From mirror-less and DSLRs to compact, Digital cameras are an integral part of our life especially when it comes to showbiz. Those who have the illusion that phone camera provides the best image have not witnessed the amazing effects most of these digital cameras provide. Smartphones have done a great job in terms of camera

Top 10 Tech companies in 2018

Amazon officially took over Google as the most valuable brand in the world in 2018. Tech companies have witnessed a rise in this digital age, dominating the present market with their products. It is impossible to list ten valuable brands without 2 or more tech companies showing up. Tech companies are worth trillions, a feat


Imagine a world with no cell phone, internet, computers, TV set or light bulb, your guess is as good as mine, life will be damn boring. This was the life in the Stone Age but thanks to technology our world is a whole lot better. From light bulbs to spacecraft, technological inventions have been a

Liquid Web Hosting Services: A Detailed Review In 2018

Every webmaster appreciates a good and solid web hosting service from any web hosting company and liquid web hosting services are just exactly what you need in a perfect web hosting company. Liquid web hosting services maybe expensive though but it also does not offer shared hosting just like several other web hosting companies and